Understanding Anthropometric Measurements In Various Fields Of Science

Anthropometry is a type of measurement that is quite widely known. Consists of two words namely ‘Anthropos’ which means human and ‘Metron’ which means measurement. In short, these measurements are carried out to measure parts of the human body. However, for several people, anthropometric measurement is a science that is rarely known in general. Anthropometric measurements have crucial functions and use in several fields of science that we often use.

In this article, we would like to discuss in general terms regarding anthropometric measurements in various fields of science. However, before that, let’s first study briefly about anthropometric measurements.

Anthropometric Measurement

Anthropometric measurements are carried out by measuring the outside area of the human body. For example, the head area, body area, hands, feet and so forth. Anthropometric data obtained through measurement then becomes an important sample that is used for the needs of crucial scientific and research needs.

Anthropometric Measurement

Type of Anthropometry Measurement

In anthropometric measurements, one important thing to know is the type of anthropometric measurements. Because although they both calculate the dimensions of the human body, there are differences that underlie these measurements.

1. Static Anthropometry Measurement

Static anthropometry measurement is a measurement obtained by the position of a stationary measurement following the data that needs to be obtained. For example, if the measurement requires in a sitting position, then the position of the model to be measured in a sitting position with a stationary position.

2. Dynamic Anthropometry Measurement

When static anthropometry is related to measurements in a stationary position. So as the name implies, dynamic anthropometry is related to the measurement of the condition and physical characteristics of a person in a state of movement or pay attention to the movements that may occur when the work is carried out.

There are three methods of dynamic measurement, specifically:

1. Measurement of skill level as an approach to understanding how things are about the workings of an activity at work and so on.

2. Measurement of the range of space needed at work. This relates to safety and comfort at work. For example, for factory employees, of course, the reach of employees to machine tools will be very influential.

3. Measurement of work variability, which is based on what activities are carried out in a person’s work mechanism.

Anthropometry Tools To Measure Human Body

After understanding anthropometric measurements and the types of anthropometer measurements, then we can get to understand about the measuring instruments used in anthropometric measurements. A variety of conventional measurements are usually used tools such as ordinary meters and rulers. But now there are special tools that can be used to measure the dimensions of the human body specifically. This tool is known as the Anthropometry Kit.

Portable Antropometri yang diproduksi oleh Solo Abadi
Anthropometric Kit

Anthropometry Kit is a measuring tool consisting of various important equipment used to assist in anthropometric measurements. Usually, this tool consists of several instruments, such as:

  1. Anthropometer
  2. Sliding Caliper
  3. Small Spreading Caliper
  4. Large Spreading Caliper

Some instruments are used to complement and facilitate anthropometric measurements. At present, the Anthropometry Kit is an important instrument in conducting anthropometric measurements. So, for anyone who is trying to make better anthropometric measurements using the Anthropometry Kit as a support for more optimal measurements. In addition, the portable form of the Anthropometry Kit can facilitate measurements anywhere and anytime.

We also produce anthropometry kits, namely Metrisis Portable Anthropometry. Similar to the existing Anthropometry Kit, the instrument in Portable Anthropometry consists of several instruments above. The primary difference found in this tool is the quality and materials that we used so that it is certainly better than the tools that existed before. We have discussed in more detail about Portable Anthropometry in the following link.

Application of Anthropometry In Various Fields Of Science

In addition to learning about some of the anthropometric studies above. Furthermore, we need to learn about the fields of science that use anthropometric measurements as part of existing research. Anthropometry affects many fields of different scientific studies. Some fields of science that require anthropometric measurements are as follows:

1. Anthropology

Anthropology is a science that requires anthropometric measurements. The similarity of the two sciences themselves is related to the research they use and relate to humans. Anthropology has two scientific studies namely physical and cultural anthropology. In this case, physical anthropology has a close relationship with anthropometry mainly because the branch of anthropology, namely paleo-anthropology, is used to analyze how physical form relates to the nature of the human race. Also, the science of anthropometry is used as a reference to measure variations in the human body because it is divided into different races and tribes.

Anthropology Science

2. Health Science

Another application of anthropometry is health sector. In this case, it was explained that anthropometry was often used to determine normal health growth. For example, sometimes there are special measurements made by the health department to collect data available in the community environment. This data is then used by the health department to find out how appropriate nutritional status is to support the development of public health.

Health Sector

3. Forensic Study

Forensic science is a study that requires anthropometric measurements to conduct research. This relates to corpse research which usually requires anthropometric data to analyze the shape and physical size of someone who died. This measurement can be done through pieces of the human body. In other words, this measurement is used to identify a person or someone’s biological profile to be examined. Also, forensic science is closely related to anthropometry and anthropology.

Forensic Science

4. Industrial Engineering

Besides having a contribution to the health sector, anthropometry also has a connection in the industrial field. The function of anthropometry in the industrial field is to create ergonomic products that meet the needs to create mass products. Anthropometric data can help us to create product designs that accommodate our needs. Some product designs that use anthropometric measurements are work-tool product design, clothing product design, furniture product design and so on. From the results above, we can understand that anthropometry is an important factor in creating ergonomic products that are concerned with safety and comfort.

Industrial Engineering

5. Occupational Health and Safety

In occupational health and safety science, anthropometry is one of the important or crucial supporting sciences. This relates to how to adjust a place or tool that suits the needs of the human body. The way to get the results of these data is to take anthropometric measurements of several people with the same variable. This data will then be analyzed to find out how to design workspaces and tools that are following occupational health and safety by community needs.

Occupational Health and Safety

Some of the explanation above is a brief discussion of anthropometry in general. Related to the type of measurement, fields that use anthropometrics and measuring instruments used in anthropometric measurements. The report shows that the field of anthropometry is closely related to other existing fields of science. For this reason, if you are someone who is involved in the fields mentioned above, make sure that you can take or implement anthropometric measurements to fill your individual needs.

Besides, so that measurements can be carried out accurately, it is important to use a measuring instrument that suits your measurement needs. For this reason, we also offer Portable Anthropometry or Anthropometry Kits to support anthropometric measurements to be carried out properly. If you are interested in knowing more details about Portable Anthropometry, please click on the following link. Meanwhile, if you are ready to have Portable Anthropometry products that we produce, please click on the link here.

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