Comparing the Functionality and Usability of Anthropometric Chair and Portable Anthropometry Kit

If you are a daily reader of information about the anthropometry that we provide. We sure that you have understood that we often share information relating to the two instruments we produced, Anthropometric Chairand Portable Anthropometry Kit. We are sure that there are still many readers who don’t understand the usefulness of the Portable Anthropometry and Anthropometric Chair.

Although both of these tools have the same function of measuring the dimensions of the human body or anthropometry of the human body. There are some differences in the shape, the material of the function to the usefulness of these two tools. In this article, we will explain more about some of the differences. But before that, we can know in advance about these two measuring instruments.

1. Anthropometric Chair

Anthropometry Chair is an anthropometric measurement tool used to measure the dimensions of the human body. Anthropometric Chair is an engineering tool that we design in detail to be able to measure the dimensions of the human body more simply and easily. This instrument can be used to measure 34 measurements of the human body.

Besides, Anthropometric Chairs can measure standing, sitting and part of the face. In measurements using anthropometric chairs, it usually takes two users and one model to be measured. The anthropometric chair is also equipped with an electric jack that can help measurement more easily and effectively.

Contoh alat ukur ergonomi dalam bentuk kursi antropometri
Anthropometric Chair
Measurement using Anthropometric Chair

2. Portable Anthropometry Kit

Portable anthropometry kit is the most innovative product from Solo Abadi. This instrument itself was inspired by Anthropometry discovered by Rudolf Martin. A scientist who works in the field of anthropology.This instrument itself is divided into several parts, namely anthropometer, sliding caliper, small spreading, and large spreading caliper. There is also a complete set series that can be used to measure more than 100 dimensions of the human body. This instrument can measure standing, sitting and head and face areas. In this measurement, it usually takes one user and one model to be measured.

Portable Anthropometry Kits

Measurement Using Portable Anthropometry Kit

As for knowing about the classification of each product. In the discussion below, we will explain the differences between these two products as follows:

a. Different Forms

The first difference is the shape of these two instruments. An anthropometric chair is an instrument in the form of a chair and is equipped with an electric jack to help make measurements. Also, this chair is designed to take measurements of standing, face area, and sitting position. In a sitting position, anthropometric measurements can be done more comfortably using an anthropometric chair. The weight of this instrument alone reaches 30 kg, so it is better to use anthropometric chairs in a large place. So that measurements should only be done in one place.

In contrast to anthropometry chairs, portable anthropometry kits consist of only a few instruments that are joined in one box. For the use of each tool, the anthropometer consists of beams that can be combined into one as needed for measurement. While the sliding caliper and spreading caliper can be used directly. Besides, to measure the dimensions of the body in a sitting position, a chair must be used to assist measurement. For the weight of this instrument weighing only 4.8 kg. Besides, its simple appearance and lightweight can allow this measurement to be carried anywhere.

b. Material Difference

In anthropometric chairs, the material used in making anthropometric chairs is a combination of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. These three ingredients are the basic ingredients of anthropometric manufacturing. The quality of the materials used has been adjusted to the basic needs of anthropometric chairs such as durability, safety, and product quality. So, if you have an anthropometric chair, that quality can last for a long time.

For portable anthropometry, we use stainless steel material in all the products we produce. We do this so that the products manufactured will remain long-lasting and long-lasting. In addition, we also ensure that the anthropometry kit, every product is affordable security and durability.

c. Instrument Function

These two instruments have the same function, which is to measure the dimensions of the human body, or what we understand as anthropometry of the human body. But of course, there are differences between these two instruments. In anthropometric chairs, this instrument can be used to measure 34 dimensions of the human body including measurements in the sitting, standing and face area. 34 dimensions of the human body are following anthropometric measurement standards that exist and are needed.

Portable Anthropometric instruments can be used to measure more than 100 dimensions of the human body. This can happen because portable anthropometry does not only consist of one measuring instrument, but three measuring devices at once in one complete set series. Even using an anthropometer, more than 50 measurements can be made. In addition, measurements taken include sitting, standing and face area.

d. Usefulness of Instruments

The usefulness of each of these instruments itself is different mainly because of the application of these two different tools. Anthropometric chairs are used in the fields of product design and industrial engineering. The use of anthropometric chairs in the field of product design is for manufacturing mass products. This relates to the product ergonomics that will be generated. Using an analysis of anthropometric measurement data through anthropometric chairs will make it easier for us to know how to produce ergonomic products. One product that is usually made based on existing data on anthropometric chairs itself is the production of various chairs such as sitting chairs, office chairs or factory chairs that are used by many parties.

For Portable Anthropometry Kits themselves, this instrument is used more in the fields of health, anthropology, forensics and product design. However, at present, portable anthropometry can also be used in industrial engineering measurements in accordance with the data needs to be obtained. In the health sector for example, portable anthropometry is used to find out about the nutritional status or growth of a group or individual. The measurements are carried out more precisely and in more detail by for example measuring the dimensions of the head, curved body parts and body parts that cannot be measured using only anthropometric chairs.

The explanation above is related to the comparison of the two modern anthropometric instruments that we currently produce. Thus, the importance of this tool for use in anthropometric measurements of the dimensions of the human body. This is the difference in the use of each of these anthropometric tools. If you consider that one of them can suffice the needs of your Ergonomics Laboratory, then don’t hesitate to choose the Anthropometry Chair or the Portable Anthropometry in this regard. If you want to know more about our two products, please see our other articles.

If there are other questions that need to be known, please contact us through the number listed or Whatssap.

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