Types of Anthropometry Measurements

As explained earlier, Anthropometry has an important role in some fields, for example in the field of industrial design, clothing design, ergonomics, and architecture. In these fields, those data information’s about the distribution of body dimensions from a population needed to produce optimal, comfortable and safe to use. In addition, Anthropometry will continue to be used because the dimensions of the human body are change continuously.This change occurs because the development of the daily life style, nutrition, and the ethnic composition of the community can make a change in the distribution of body size (e.g. in the form of epidemic obesity). So then it takes periodic calculations about data anthropometry as needed.

Two tools that used to measure the Anthropometry of human body

In conducting measurements of Anthropometry, there are two tools that are used. This tool is able to help someone to measure the dimensions of the body with more carefully. Currently, there are two tools that are used to measure the dimensions of the human body, specifically:

1. Anthropometry Chair

Another measurement tool commonly used in measuring the scope of the dimension of the human body is Anthropometry Chair. A few years ago, this chair were made from wood, so it was very conventional that time. And sometimes it can occur some mistakes in calculations. However, there is a new anthropometry chair that make the chair become more modern by combining electric technology in the chair. Although the measurement was done manually. However, the result will be in accordance with the calculation.

2. Portable Antropometry or Anthropometry Measurement Set 

Besides, the anthropometry chair, in conducting anthropometric measurements of the human body, we can also use portable anthropometry tools. Usually portable anthropometry tools, also known as anthropometry measurement set, are tools that consist of anthropometers, sliding calipers, spreading calipers and calipers. This tool is very practical to use and can be used whenever and wherever. Portable Anthropometry is usually used for the benefit of occupational health and safety. Calculations made using portable anthropometry are no less good than the anthropometric chairs above.

Then, what are the types of measurements of the Anthropometry?

After discussing about the tools used in measuring the dimensions of the human body. Then, we will try to discuss about the type or manner used to measure anthropometry. Two things below is how the measurement of Anthropometry:


Anthropometry can be defined with the static calculation of the dimensions of the body structure. Anthropometry can be done with static measurements of the body in a position of silence or a static position. Body dimensions measured using static position is weight, height, head size, arm length, etc. Besides, there are several factors that affect the dimensions of the human body are namely:

1. Age

2. Gender

3. Ethnic groups

4. Profession

Previously discussed about the factors that affect the dimensions of the human body, and why the above variable is used.


When a static calculation related to anthropometry with body shape when not doing any position. Then according to its name, dynamic anthropometry associated with dynamic circumstances or physical traits of a person in a state of moving or pay attention to the movements that might occur when the job executes.

There are three forms of dynamic measurement, they are:

1. The measurement of level of skill as an approach to understand how the circumstances regarding the workings of an activity in the work and so on.

2. Measurement of the range of the required work. It is related to security and convenience in the work. For example, the employees of the factory, of course the range of employees to the machine tool will be highly influential. And this affects their work and safety needs.

3. Measuring the variability of work, based on any activity that is conducted in the mechanism of action of a person.

The measurement of Anthropometry aims to find out the dimensions of the shape of the human body, so that the equipment is designed more in line and can provide a sense of comfort and pleasurable. In addition, it is influential with the human efforts to make the mass product. Where in addition, the product is expected to have a value of ergonomics.

For those readers who intend to learn more about the measurement of Anthropometry in more detail. Then it is more advisable to have a tool that serves to measure the body of anthropometry. Currently, the popular tool used is the seat of Anthropometry. If the reader is interested, we sell anthropometry chair which has been designed with a more modern and attractive.

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