Head Area Measurement Using the Anthropometry Kit

Measurement of the head area is one of the important things that are studied in the science of anthropometry. Especially in the relationship between anthropometric and health sector. In the study of anthropometry itself, many measurements are carried out on human body parts, one of which is on the head.

The head is an important body part that requires detailed and periodic measurements. For example, some of the importance of head measurements are as follows:

1. Measuring Child Growth

For children aged 0-5 years, it is important to take regular head measurements. This condition is done because it is important to monitor the child’s growth and development. This is to find out whether the child’s growth and development can take place normally, above normal or below normal. Because after all if the development of a child’s head above normal or below normal, then there is something wrong with the child’s development.

2. Being able to be a reference in medical research

Measurement of head rate, head width, and head shape can help the medical party to diagnose a certain condition or disease. For example, periodic measurements are carried out in the village, where in the village the average size of a child’s head is larger than the size of a child’s head that should be. So, the medical party can examine measurements to find out the cause of the difference in the existing measurement numbers.

3. As Data for Making Mass Products

Besides being used in the medical world, head measurements are also often used as a reference for making a product that is used on the head. This is related to whether the product designed has a relevant and ergonomically appropriate function. The importance of using this data is often needed by Industrial Engineering as a material for making mass products that are needed by numerous people.

Some of the above are functions of the head area measurement. From the explanation above it can be understood about the urgency of the head measurement to be carried out. This urgency which then makes the head measurement one of the mandatory measurements that must be done primarily to understand human head circumference.

Types of Head Area Measurement

Several head measurements are usually used to determine head measurements. This is because to find the required data, there are certain steps and qualifications obtained. For example, we cannot analyze human and individual head and flower growth using just one measurement. This is because often, several variables cause some of these measurements are:

1. Forehead Measurement

2. Face Width Measurement

3. Measurement of Head Area

4. Measurement of the Lower Jaw

5. Nose Length Measurement

6. Nose Area Measurement

7. Measurement of Nassal Index

The instrument used in measuring the Head Area

To obtain the appropriate head measurement results, several tools are used in this calculation. Various tools can be used in making head measurements, namely:

1. Measuring Tape

One familiar tool used to calculate the width and length of the head is to use a measuring tape. Measuring tape is usually used to measure the width of the head of children used at the hospital. This measurement can be done in several steps, namely:

• Measurements must be made with devices that cannot be stretched.

• Wrap the tape properly in the area to be measured.

• Measurement can be done 3 times, and take the largest number.

In measurement using a measuring tape, the data obtained or figures obtained often do not represent data in detail. Therefore, it is necessary to measure several times to determine the right number.

2. Anthropometry Chair

In addition to using a measuring tape, more measurements can be made using anthropometric chairs. An anthropometric chair is a measuring tool that is done to measure the dimensions of the human body. This tool is capable of measuring up to 34 dimensions of the human body. This instrument can be used to measure certain areas of the head such as head width and head height. This measurement can be done in a sitting or standing position. One measurement of head width using an anthropometric chair is as follows:

• Ensure that the model is in a sitting position.

• Turn the Knob on the Shoulder Height Meter.

• Adjust Until It Is on The Side of The Head. Then Slide the Measurement of the Upper Arm and Forearm Until They Head.

3. Portable Anthropometry Kit

Unlike the two anthropometry devices above, portable anthropometry has the advantage compared to the two tools above. Portable anthropometry has a variety of tools that can be used to measure head areas with a high degree of precision. Tools that are often used to calculate head areas are:

• Sliding Callipers, a caliper specially designed to perform calculations on certain parts of the human face, such as the nasal index. This measurement can only be done using a sliding caliper. Besides being easy to use, this tool also has precise precision results so that the data used can be following the object being measured.

• Spreading Caliper, is a tool that is often used to measure the head area in portable anthropometry. This tool can measure the head width, head area, head height and other calculations that cannot be used to measure other areas of the head.

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