Understanding The Biacromial in Anthropometric Measurement

Anthropometry is a broad science, it is important to learn and understand this science, especially if the focus of your study is directly related to anthropometry. The scope of anthropometry is not far from measuring body dimensions. Measurement of body dimensions or what is familiarly called anthropometric measurements will measures all dimensions of the human body to the smallest. One of the body dimensions measured is biacromial.

On this occasion, we will jointly answer what is biacromial in anthropometric measurements. Let’s discuss together!

Get to know Anthropometry

Anthropometry generally means measuring body dimensions. The term anthropometry comes from the ancient Greek terms anthropos which means human and metron which means measure. The dimensions of the human body in question start from bone, muscle and fat tissue.

Anthropometry itself has a fairly broad application, in the fields of industrial engineering, medicine, interior design, product design, health, biology to nutrition. In nutrition, anthropometric measurements are useful for assessing a person’s nutritional status and knowing the diseases he has suffered in the past.

biacromial anthropometric
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Besides being divided into static and dynamic, anthropometry is divided into living anthropometry and skeletal-subdental anthropometry. Divided into two because biological anthropology covers the span of time, past and present, the measurements in anthropology are applied to the skeleton and teeth as well as to living human bodies.

Scope of Anthropometric Measurement of Stature Position and Sitting Height

In some cases, it is necessary to measure the body in a specific position. One of them is the position of stature and sitting height. Stature itself is the vertical distance from the floor to the top (ie crown of the head). Stature measurement serves to define the required vertical distance in a standing workspace.

biacromial anthropometric
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To measure the working position of stature and sitting height, a number of measurements that need to be made are measuring the height of the acromion, radiale, stylion and dactylion, suprasternale, symphision, throcahanterion, tibiale, syphirion. Measured weight, biacromiale and bicristale width, bicondylus humeri and biepicondylus emoris, cephalic width, wrist width, chest depth and breadth.

Then measure the circumference or circumference of the head, upper arm, forearm, wrist, chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf, and ankle. Measure the skinfold thickness of the triceps, biceps, forearm, infrascapula, supariliaca, sternal, umbilical, thigh, calf, and measure the span

Among the many dimensions of the body, there is one that is often asked by many people, especially in this case students and students, namely biacromiale or biacromial.

Biacromial in Anthropometry

Biacromial is the horizontal distance between the Acromial mark (bone point) on the right and left side at the tip of the shoulder. Biacromial width can be used as a measure and indicator of body development. By taking measurements based on the size of the arm span or biacromial, the average arm length can also be determined.

biacromial anthropometric
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As mentioned earlier, this measurement method is used to measure the work system in a standing position or stature and sitting position in order to avoid the possibility of hitting the head in the workspace. Besides being used to design work systems, this measurement can also be used to calculate body mass index and a number of other indices. Biacromial size can be determined by utilizing a number of measuring tools and methods, one of which is by using a Spreading Caliper type measuring instrument.

biacromial anthropometric
Metrisis Spreading Caliper by Solo Abadi

The Most Accurate Anthropometric Measuring Tool

The results of anthropometric measurements require measuring tools to support these accurate results. Here is a selection of the best measuring tools that can be used :

Portable anthropomethry kit

Metrisis – Portable anthropomethry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is a measurement tool derived from an anthropometry chair that is packed as a portable tool. As for how innovation should be, portable anthropometry could be used to measure more than 100 human body measurements. Just how chair anthropometry works, portable anthropometry could be used in various fields such as sport, forensic, industrial technic, product design, academy, and military.

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