The Best Method Of Measuring Children Weight Under The Age Of 2

Body weight is one indicator in measuring children’s nutrition. The measuring instrument used to monitor body weight is a weight scale. There are many types of weighing scales with their respective functions. Many are still confused about which methods and scales are the right ones to use to measure a baby’s weight? Let’s talk about the best method of measuring children weight!

Detect Stunting Early

Currently, the Government of Indonesia currently has a goal to reduce stunting by 14% by 2024. Stunting itself is a condition where children experience chronic malnutrition due to lack of nutritional intake for a long time, resulting in growth disorders in children, namely lower child height. or short (dwarf) than the standard age.

best method of measuring children weight
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Every parent wants their baby to grow up healthy and nutritious. In addition to preventing them from all diseases, it is also to avoid stunting conditions. Therefore, the stunting condition in Indonesia needs to be resolved immediately before it is too late.

Tips to Prevent Stunting

Some tips that can be done to prevent stunting conditions according to the Ministry of Health are as following :

  1. Fulfill nutritional needs since the children are in the womb
  2. Exclusive breastfeeding for babies up to 6 months
  3. Provide a healthy MPASI menu as additional nutrition for babies
  4. Maintain cleanliness
  5. Always monitor children’s growth regularly
best method of measuring children weight

Based on these tips, it is stated that it is important for us to monitor the growth of children. The way to monitor the child’s growth is to measure the child’s growth regularly and monitor the child’s nutritional status. One method to determine the nutritional status of children is to measure the anthropometry of infants or children, weight is one indicator that also affects the nutritional status of infants. So it is necessary to measure weight or scales whose results are accurate and precise.

The Best Method for Measuring a Children Weight

As mentioned earlier, in order to get accurate stunting detection results, we must first know the right method to measure the children’s weight. Based on dr. Tabita PS in the best method of measuring children weight less than two years old is to hold the child, using a digital scale that has decimal digits, the mother and baby wear minimal clothing, the mother stands upright while holding the child.

best method of measuring children weight

The measurement results were reduced by the mother’s weight at the same weighing position. Weight measurement must be on a flat surface to be accurate. Changes in the child’s position such as sitting, lying down and standing if the child moves will make the reading inaccurate.

To improve the method, a precision scale or measuring instrument is needed to measure the baby’s weight, such as baby scales and mother-child scales.

Get Accurate Scales in Anthropometry Kit

PT. SOLO ABADI INDONESIA fully supports government policies to reduce stunting in Indonesia. We provide a variety of baby anthropometry measuring instruments with undoubted domestic quality. We can also provide Anthropometry Kits according to your needs.

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