Here’s The Main Aspect of Appropriate Technology Equipment Planning

Appropriate Technology Equipment is equipment innovation used to increase the effectiveness of human work in certain fields. At BRIN (Indonesian National Research and Innovation Agency) these innovations are intensely developed through the Appropriate Technology Research Center (PRTTG). Where in the last two years has been developing research based on the dimensions of the human body. Here’s the main aspect of Appropriate Technology Equipment Planning!

What is the Importance of Appropriate Technology Equipment ?

Before delving into the benefits of Appropriate Technology, it is necessary to understand the definition of this phrase. Based on Presidential Instruction No. 3 of 2001 concerning the Application and Development of Appropriate Technology, Appropriate Technology is technology that meets the needs of the community, can answer community problems, does not damage the environment and can be utilized by the community easily and generates added value from economic and environmental aspects.

So that Appropriate Technology can be concluded as a series of activities for technology transfer based on human interests and increasing the effectiveness of human work. On a macro level, the Government of Indonesia has begun implementing Appropriate Technology to support regional development through improving the quality of human resources and the responsible use of natural resources.

In this technology transfer process, BRIN is one of the ‘most responsible’ institutions for leading the design of Appropriate Technology. This is because BRIN is a state institution that has carried out integrated research, development and application, as well as inventions and innovations since 2021.

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What Aspect Should Be Considered in Appropriate Technology Equipment Planning ?

As previously explained, Appropriate Technology aims to increase the effectiveness of human work according to their abilities and needs. This means that humans are the focus of Appropriate Technology Design. Therefore, Human-Based Design (human centered design) is something that needs to be considered in the Design of Appropriate Technology.

Human Centered Design is the design of a system or product that focuses on humans or users. As explained by Mrs. Rahmaniyah Dwi Astuti, S.T., M.T. an Ergonomic Practitioner from Sebelas Maret University Surakarta explained that in every component involving humans, ergonomics is required. Ergonomics is the science of design, work design based on the dimensions of the human body and its capabilities and deficiencies.

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Ergonomics is the Main Aspect in Designing Appropriate Technology

Ergonomics in Indonesia is an aspect that has not been studied much. In fact, legal aspects related to ergonomics were only clearly stated in 2019. Previously, legal aspects related to ergonomics were studied in terms of labor safety. In fact, ergonomics does not only cover the study of safety, but also related to work comfort and effectiveness. This means that every work tool we use must use ergonomic principles. Therefore, in designing Appropriate Technology, BRIN needs to pay attention to ergonomics aspects.

In the last two years, BRIN has formed an Appropriate Technology Design research group. The BRIN Research Group (PRTTG) includes Mechanical and Thermal Appropriate Technology Equipment, Automation of Appropriate Technology Equipment, Mechanization and Appropriate Technology-Postharvest Equipment, Process Engineering of Appropriate Technology and Systems Engineering and Ergonomics of Appropriate Technology.

Based on the study group, BRIN has made ergonomics a priority aspect. Like BRIN Bandung, which carried out the Revitalization of the Work System and Ergonomics Laboratory by providing an ergonomic measuring tool, Portable Anthropometry. Besides BRIN Bandung, BRIN Subang also involves ergonomics in its agro-industry research with Portable Anthropometry.

What Tool is Required to Design Appropriate Technology ?

Portable Anthropometry is the most widely used ergonomic measuring instrument in the Ergonomics and Work Systems Laboratory. This instrument can be used to measure more than 100 dimensions of the human body in two working positions. Working positions in humans themselves consist of sitting and standing positions and face ratios.

With the data generated by Portable Anthropometry, the industry can find out the work environment and supporting instruments that are suitable for the workload so that occupational health and safety can be achieved. This data is then needed in conducting Ergonomics Research. However, before that the researchers needed to collect samples from a particular race in an area. The data that is considered sufficient to represent the average body dimensions can be formed into anthropometric standards.

Portable Anthropometry is the best anthropometric measuring tool for conducting ergonomic research. Portable Anthropometry has 4 types of caliper, namely Sliding Caliper, Small Spreading Caliper, Large Spreading Caliper, Branches Measurement Curves and a set of Anthropometer. The four instruments can be used in various fields, from education, OHS, automotive, to aviation and the military. Ergonomics research needs can be facilitated with a portable anthropometric design that can be carried anywhere.

Anthropometric Chair, Ergonomic Measuring Tools For Appropriate Technology Standard

The Anthropometric Chair is one of the mandatory instruments in the Ergonomics and Work Systems Laboratory. As the name implies, the Anthropometric Chair is made to determine the dimensions of the human body so that it can be applied in applied products, especially chairs. However, the Anthropometric Chair from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia can be used to measure human dimensions in a standing position and even facial ratios.

The Anthropometric Chair is the most familiar anthropometric measuring instrument in ergonomics. Initially, the researchers only used the Anthropometric Chair which was made by themselves using wood and a reading tape, and could only measure in a sitting position. By using the Anthropometry Chair, Ergonomics Research which is currently being intensified by the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) can be fully supported. This is because BRIN currently has a projection to release the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), especially on seats in educational institutions.

So far, the Anthropometry Chair is the most widely used instrument in educational institutions in Indonesia, especially in the Industrial Engineering study program. In addition, the application of the Anthropometric Chair data is also carried out by the Indian Sport Authority (SAI) in Sport Science.

Get Your Ergonomic Measuring Tools for Designing Appropriate Technology !

Solo Abadi Indonesia fully supports the Government of Indonesia in creating innovations and deepening ergonomics research and applying it to everyday life. As a private sector, we are always open to collaborative ergonomics and anthropometry research to support a good ergonomics ecosystem in Indonesia.

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