4 Types of Caliper in Anthropometric Measurement

Caliper is a measuring tool to measure the dimensions of an object, including the dimensions of the human body or anthropometry. To support the development of anthropometry, experts design measuring instruments that can be used on living or inanimate objects. This tool is often known as Caliper. Here are the 4 types of Calipers used in anthropometric measurement.

Anthropometric Measurement Standard

It is necessary to understand the dimensions of the human body and how to measure it properly before taking anthropometric measurements. This depends on various scientific derivatives that require anthropometric data collection, such as Kinanthropometry, biomechanics, anthropology to Somatometry.

The number of scientific fields that apply anthropometric data makes it necessary to confirm standards. Within the scope of anthropometry itself, the standard is intended to classify human race. As a result, anthropometric standards are different based on their geographical location which is also based on age and gender.

However, there are several Anthropometric measuring instruments that are patented in all dimensions of Anthropometric derivatives. The anthropometric measuring instrument is the Caliper. The caliper itself is divided into various types, namely Sliding Caliper, Small Spreading Caliper, Large Spreading Caliper and Branches Measurement Curves.

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1. Sliding Caliper

Sliding Calipers are often referred to as sigma. Sliding Caliper is used to measure the inside and outside diameters.

In anthropometry Sliding Caliper is known as The Small Bone Caliper. Similar to the Vernier Caliper used in the engineering world, the Sliding Caliper can also be used to measure the depth of an object. Not infrequently, the Sliding Caliper is used in Somatometry or measurements on living subjects and Osteometry, or measurements on the skeleton.

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Generally, Sliding Caliper has 3 important parts, namely :

  1. Outside Jaws
  2. Inside Jaws
  3. Ruler
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Nassal Height Measurement Using Sliding Caliper

In anthropometry, the Sliding Caliper is used to measure the distance between two landmarks. Generally, it is used on body parts that tend to be short, such as the Nassal Height or the height of the nasal area that is on the nose.

2. Small Spreading Caliper

Small Spreading Caliper is one of the standard instruments in anthropological anatomy. Unlike the Sliding Caliper which has a flat surface, the Small Spreading Caliper is equipped with Pointed Ends and a curved surface.

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With these specifications, the Small Spreading Caliper is capable of measuring body dimensions with non-flat surfaces, such as the width of the Bitragion point in the head area. However, the Small Spreading Caliper is only able to measure body dimensions that have a small coverage area. Even so, the Small Spreading Caliper helps experts in the field of Anthropology to classify human races.

3. Large Spreading Caliper

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As the name implies, the Large Spreading Caliper has a function that is not much different from the Small Spreading Caliper. By having Pointed Ends, the Large Spreading Caliper serves to measure body dimensions that are not flat or have curves, but in wider dimensions, such as Abdominal Depth or abdominal thickness.

4. Branches Measurement Curves

Branches Measurement Curves is an innovation from Anthropometer. Anthropometer itself is a ruler equipped with two Sliding Blocks with a flat and pointed tip. The function of the Anthropometer is to measure the dimensions of a flat object such as measuring eye height in a sitting position or Infraorbitable Height.

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In contrast to Branches Measurement Curves, with their Rounded End and curved surface, this instrument can measure non-flat body dimensions, such as the distance between acromial points on the shoulder.

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Portable Anthropometry, 4 Types of Caliper In an Instrument

All types of calipers or measuring instruments can be found in the Anthropometry Portable Complete Set Series. This instrument can measure up to more than 100 body measurement dimensions. The anthropometric data can be easily applied in various sciences.

Anthropometry Portable Complete Set Series has been used by various institutions both at home and abroad in various fields such as education, government institutions, military, architecture to forensics.

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