Anthropometry in Badminton, Measure Athletes Body Composition

Anthropometry plays a role in almost all aspects of life. Fields such as the military, medicine, industrial engineering, sports, to architecture involve anthropometric measurements in their implementation. Especially in the field of sports, anthropometry has a significant role. As a science that studies the construction of the human body and the dimensions of body parts, anthropometric measurements are the most basic and oldest thing in the field of sports. On this occasion, Solo Abadi will discuss the role of anthropometry in badminton.

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Some time ago Solo Abadi collaborated with a physiotherapy lecturer at UMS to discuss the topic of the role of anthropometry in badminton. It discusses that anthropometry plays a role in measuring athlete’s body composition. So what’s the explanation? Let’s discuss together!

Introduction to Anthropometry

The term anthropometry is adapted from the Greek words “anthropos” which means human and “metron” which means measurement. Anthropometry is a measurement method used to measure the human body such as measuring width, length, circumference, diameter and calculating the proportions of the human body.

Through this measurement we can determine a person’s physical condition from the type of ideal body shape or from his body composition. This is what is then used by a number of experts in various aspects, one of which is sports.

Anthropometry in Badminton

Anthropometry has an important role in various sports. Badminton itself is a sport that is quite popular, can be played by all groups, both women and men, young and old. As a sport that uses quite a lot of complex movements in the upper and lower limbs, professional badminton athletes need a supportive posture.

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Posture and body composition greatly affect the risk of injury in badminton athletes. If badminton athletes have a low body weight, long legs and strong arm muscles, it will be more profitable. According to Maulina in her research in 2018 the height of a good badminton player is around 175 cm. With an estimated shoulder height as high as the net, which is between 152.5-155.0 cm, it allows athletes to vary the maximum number of strokes.

Anthropometry to Know Body Composition of Badminton Athletes

The dimensions of human anthropometry are closely related to the proportions of the athlete’s body which will affect the athlete’s performance. The body composition of an athlete must be ideal and appropriate for the sport. Even according to Rahmawati in her research she said that a person’s achievement depends on the size, shape, proportion, composition, maturation and function of organs.

Therefore, in each sport it is recommended to be able to improve performance by taking measurements to determine body measurements or anthropometric measurements in athletes. Anthropometric measurements are needed to measure the physical condition of an athlete, research on the application of anthropometry in the sports field includes body proportions, performance and biomechanics.

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Information about the basic structure of the body structure can be used as an estimate of the forces acting on muscles, joints and other body tissues. There are six measurement methods in anthropometry, including :

  1. linear dimensions (height),
  2. body circumference, skin layer thickness,
  3. angle (Scope of Motion of the Joint),
  4. body shape,
  5. body contour,
  6. weight.

Accurate and precise measurements can support the possibility of scoring athletes’ achievements and victories. For this reason, in carrying out measurements, high-quality anthropometric measuring instruments are needed.

The Most Accurate Anthropometric Measuring Tool

The results of anthropometric measurements of badminton athletes’ body composition must be accurate and precise. Therefore, a measuring instrument is needed that supports these accurate results. Here is a selection of the best measuring tools that can be used :

Portable Anthropometry Kit for Sports Majors

Metrisis – Portable Anthropometry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is an anthropometric measuring instrument derived from the anthropometric chair which is packaged in a portable form, so that the measuring instrument can be moved or carried anywhere easily. Like an innovation, portable anthropometry can be used to measure up to more than 100 dimensions of the human body.

The function of this tool is to carry out anthropometric measurements that are carried out carefully and prioritize the accuracy of the data. This instrument offers measurement capabilities of up to 100 measurements. In addition, its portable form makes this tool can be used unlimited time and done anywhere.

Anthropometric kits from Solo Abadi have been sent to various departments in Indonesia. Currently, 8 Portable Anthropometry kits from Solo Abadi have been used, one of which is the Department of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia. Solo Abadi anthropometric measurement products have also been used by a number of domestic and international agencies. The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) East Java and the Sports Authority of India (SAI) are sports agencies that have used anthropometric measuring instruments from Solo Abadi.

The following are the details of the Anthropometry Portable Kit product.

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