Together Against Stunting from Home during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Currently, Indonesia is faced with the Covid-19 pandemic which is a serious problem for countries in the world. At the same time, Indonesia is also still faced with the challenges of malnutrition, especially the problem of stunting which is increasing every year.

As explained in the previous article, Indonesia is the fifth largest country with a high stunting rate. In 2020, it shows that Indonesia’s Stunting Prevalence reaches 30.8%.

The Indonesian government has a target to reduce the stunting rate to 14% in 2024. However, it cannot be denied that the Covid-19 pandemic is increasingly rampant and has a major impact on Indonesia.

Therefore, every household plays an active role in reducing stunting during a pandemic like this. Things that need to be done to prevent stunting and stay safe even during the Covid-19 pandemic are :

1. Detection of Growth of Children from Each Home

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Government has made a Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) policy which requires all people to stay at homeand always maintain their distance wherever they are.

This has an impact on posyandu activities, which are usually held once every two weeks. Even so, monitoring the baby’s growth and development while at the posyandu must not stop!

You can do this at home independently by using the Anthropometry Kit. The tools you need include a weight scale, a length or height measurement tool, and an arm circumference measuring tool.

2. Self-Education on Stunting Prevention

Due to the large amount of time spent at home during this pandemic, of course most of us will look at our smartphones more often; be it for playing social media or just surfing the internet.

Instead of just spending time playing like that, it would be nice if we educate ourselves, especially about stunting. With easy access to information in the present, we can get knowledge about detecting and preventing stunting easily.

After that, we can also share the knowledge that has been learned about handling stunting easily using social media. The hope is that all people, both young and adult, understand about stunting.

3. Always Consume Nutritious Food for Children and Clean and Healthy Living Campaign

One of the main causes of stunting is lack of nutrition in children. Therefore, whenever possible we always eat foods that are rich in nutrients and nutrients, especially for children.

If it feels difficult due to economic factors, the Government should step in. They must have a program to help and ensure that every household can receive nutritious food.

In addition, don’t forget to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle. For example, like always cleaning the environment, both in the house and around the house.

Increase Self-Awareness to Prevent Early Stunting

By applying the methods above, we can help the government to reduce stunting rates in Indonesia. Because to start something big, you have to start small first.

Therefore, let us work hand in hand by cultivating self-awareness in preventing stunting. THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IS NOT A REASON TO BE ABLE TO OVERCOME AND OVERCOME STUNTING PROBLEMS.

Detection of Stunting with the Right Anthropometric Measurement Tool!

To stop the high rate of stunting in Indonesia, We can apply the steps mentioned above to understand and be able to independently detect stunting at home.

One of the tools used to detect stunting is to use a variety of appropriate anthropometric tools. Therefore, Solo Abadi provides an Anthropometric Kit that can detect stunting quickly, precisely and accurately!

1. Anthropometry Kit SK-92

2. Anthropometry Kit SK-95

3. Anthropometry Kit SK-96

4. Anthropometry Kit SK-98

5. Anthropometry Kit SK-99

6. Custom Anthropometry Kit

This Anthropometry Kit package contains stunting detection tools that can be tailored to the needs of our clients and customers. Based on our experience, the needs of our customers with other customers are different. Some need a height measurement tool and a scale, some only need a body length measurement tool, lila and scales, and so on.

Get the Anthropometry Kit Package You Want Right Now!

If you are interested in our various Anthropometry Kit – SK packages, you can directly contact us via Whatsapp at 62851 – 0088 – 8111 or visit the following link.


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