Designing a Wheelchair by Applying Ergonomic Aspects

For hospitals, providing wheelchairs has become an obligation as a facility for their patients. And it can be ascertained, all hospitals have used and provided wheelchairs because of their various benefits.

One of the benefits of a wheelchair is to help patients who have difficulty moving in order to carry out their daily activities. Other benefits are certainly felt for those who have an accident or disability in their legs.

Therefore, wheelchair products for these patients must comply with the Ergonomic Aspects (comfortable in using a wheelchair), so that the wheelchair product can satisfy its users.

How to Design the Right Wheelchair according to the Ergonomic Aspects?

Close-up of senior woman hand on wheel of wheelchair during walk in hospital

In order for wheelchair products to be maximized in terms of use and comfort, every product development that is made must consider aspects related to ergonomics.

One of the aspects related to ergonomics is to carry out anthropometric measurements on the dimensions of the human body.

What is Anthropometric Measurement?

In general, anthropometry is a study that is closely related to measuring the dimensions of the human body. And anthropometry itself is a part of ergonomics which is specialized in studying body size.

Body dimensions used in anthropometric measurements include :

  1. Height in a sitting position;
  2. Elbow height in a sitting position;
  3. The distance from the knees to the buttocks;
  4. Knee-folding height; and
  5. Shoulder width.

By taking measurements in the dimensions above, the wheelchair that will be used can meet the ergonomic aspects which will be very comfortable to use by its users.

The Right Tool for Taking Anthropometric Measurements

In making anthropometric measurements, we must use the best and precise measuring instruments so that the data generated is also accurate.

To meet these needs, Solo Abadi provides various anthropometric tools that can be used to take measurements for wheelchair design needs.

One of the anthropometric tools produced by Solo Abadi is the anthropometric chair. Anthropometry Chair by Solo Abadi.

The Anthropometric Chair is a tool to measure 34 dimensions of the human body. We exclusively produce Anthropometric Chairs that are more modern, effective and efficient.

By using an Anthropometric Chair, it will be easier for us to take measurements to design a patient wheelchair.

Why Should We Use Anthropometric Chairs by Solo Abadi?

  1. Measurements can be carried out safely, conveniently with high data accuracy.
  2. The time used in this measurement is relatively fast, so that measurements can be carried out efficiently.
  3. Measurement is sufficient only with two individuals.
  4. This tool can be used to minimize errors when making anthropometric measurements.

How to Get an Anthropometric Chair by Solo Abadi?

If you are interested and need more information about the product details of the Anthropometric Chair from Solo Abadi, you can visit the following page.

In addition, you can also directly contact us via Whatsapp at 62851 – 0088 – 8111. Don’t worry if you just want to ask about prices or other things, because we will always serve you.

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