The First Kretek Cigarettes in Indonesia

In general, the classification of cigarettes in Indonesia can be divided into three types. The earliest produced and widely known is Sigaret Kretek Tangan (Kretek Cigarette Manual). Supposedly, before people were known Sigaret Kretek Tangan and mass-produced by cigarette industries in Indonesia, this cigarette class has an interesting story to be examined.

At the time, there is a story that people believed among the cigarette workers until now. There was a man from Kudus named Haji Djamari. Around the 19th century, Haji Djamari got chest pain. He initiated to apply clove oil to his chest. After that, the pain of Haji Djamari is reduced magically.

Cloves for Kretek Cigarettes (Source: Flickr)

The First Kretek Cigarettes

Based on his experience, Haji Djamari tried to mix the clove and tobacco. Then, he was rolling it into a cigarette. At that time, cigarettes were widely known in society, especially for men. Haji Djamari conducted an experiment by adding cloves to get a different sensation. Because of that, Haji Djamari was addicted to smoking his concoction of cigarettes. Besides, Haji Djamari found an antidote to his chest pain.

News about the concoction of cigarettes by Haji Djamari was widespread. Relatives and neighbors began to be interested to try Haji Djamari’s discovery. After that, he received many orders of kretek cigarettes which were covered by klobot (covering by dried corn leaves).

Kretek Cigarettes Klobot (Source: Flickr)

The existence of Haji Djamari still being a mystery until nowadays. Even, Indonesian academics and researchers who have tried to focus their research on the history of the cigarette in Indonesia still did not find the truth due to limited library resources. As time went by, Indonesian researches found documents about Haji Djamari in Leiden, Netherlands.

Haji Djamari died in 1890. Sixteen years later, Nitisemito seized the opportunity that cigarettes could become goods that had a bright future. That was the year Nitisemito started his kretek cigarette business in Kudus. In 1908, Nitisemito’s cigarette business was officially registered by “Tjap Bal Tiga”. The appearance of Tjap Bal Tiga cigarettes became the beginning of the cigarette industry business in Indonesia.

Tjap Bal Tiga Cigarettes (Source: Radar Cirebon)

Kretek Cigarettes Faces New Challenge

The development of technology had an impact on kretek cigarette business in Indonesia as time went by and new challenges arise. Kretek cigarettes produced with worker services had to gain new competition. This was indicated after Sigaret Kretek Mesin (Kretek Cigarette Machine) and Sigaret Putih Mesin (Mild Cigarette Machine) appeared.

Kretek Cigarette Machine (Source: Flickr)

Based on three cigarette types, we can conclude into two keywords: “kretek” and “mild”. There are some differences between both of them. People called cigarettes that have no cork or filter as kretek cigarettes, while cigarettes that have cork or automatic filters are called filter cigarettes. That understanding has become commonplace, but it is wrong.

In fact, kretek cigarette is a cigarette that contains clove, while the mild cigarette is a cigarette that does not contain clove. Kretek cigarette itself can be divided into two kinds. The first one is, a cigarette is produced by hand rolling. People know it as Kretek Cigarette (SKT). While kretek cigarettes produced by machines are called Kretek Cigarette Machine (SKM). Then, kretek cigarette is a cigarette that contains a clove. And the last is a mild cigarette which means this cigarette does not contain clove.

Rolling Cigarettes Process (Source: Flickr)

Kretek Cigarette Industries Face Challenges

The appearance of kretek cigarette machine and mild cigarette have a positive and negative side. On the positive side, the appearance of regular and mild cigarettes should be able to spur kretek cigarette industry to maintain and improve the quality of its products. After all, people consume kretek cigarettes without any reason.

Many special things are attached to kretek cigarettes. The process of manually rolling cigarette makes most people believe that kretek cigarette is the only type of cigarette with high artistic value. Moreover, kretek cigarette is Indonesia’s cultural heritage. Consuming cigarettes is not only consumptive matters, but it is already changed into a lifestyle.

Smoking Becomes a Lifestyle (Source: Flickr)

Slitting Cigarette Machine

The fact that smoking has become a lifestyle is being a good opportunity that should be considered by kretek cigarettes. However, kretek cigarette industry must not be lethargic. Therefore, the industry must always adhere to the principles of efficiency and effectiveness.

The principle of effective and efficient work among others can be achieved by using machines at certain stages. One of the steps that should be processed using a machine is when slitting reject cigarettes; separating ambry paper to tobacco so it can be reused.

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Light Cigarettes Slitting

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