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The problem of stunting is a problem that is being massively overcome by the Government of Indonesia. We can see in several places, we often encounter government tagline related to stunting. This shows how the government is so intense in conducting stunting prevention and detection campaigns in Indonesia. However, before that, we will suggest you to get to know what stunting is and why prevention of stunting now becomes an important agenda.

According to the School of Parenting Official Website, it is said if the government implements some efforts in undertaking stunting as follows:

  1. Basic immunization
  2. Breastfeeding Programs for Babies
  3. Clean drinking water facilities
  4. Sanitation Program
  5. Early childhood education
  6. Measurement of food discomfort etc

The national strategy carried out above targets 100 districts in 2018, 160 districts in 2019, 390 districts in 2020, and 514 districts and cities in 2021.

What is Stunting?

Stunting is a condition in which the child’s developmental conditions are disrupted due to malnutrition. Nutritional deficiencies can cause difficulties for children to grow and develop properly. Some of the symptoms that appear are as follows:

1. Child’s height is less than other children

2. Child’s weight is smaller than his age

3. The proportion of a child’s body appears normal but is different from his age

What are the effects of stunting?

Stunting diseases affecting children can affect growth and development but also the productivity of children. This is because the body is not fit or not suitable, then, in fact, the activity will certainly be disrupted. Also, the impact of stunting will be felt like an adult. Where the child’s growth and development will affect how the child’s future will be.

This is why the government is giving attention to stunting prevention and how stunting can be a worrying thing by the state to disrupt the growth of children who will become the nation’s successors. Then? What can be done to overcome stunting that must be prevented?

How to Deal With Stunting 

Two things can be done to overcome stunting and prevent stunting. These two things are distinguished by the age of the child, as follows:

1. If a child less than 2 years old has been detected as stunting, several things can be done such as periodic immunizations, checking growth and development while at the posyandu, and maintaining

2. If the child is more than 2 years old, periodical checks or measurements can be done to try to balance the nutrition that is obtained.

Instrument used to detect stunting 

After getting to know about stunting, the effects and ways to overcome stunting. Furthermore, we must know about the tools used to recognize and detect stunting periodically. The tool that we offer is the Portable Anthropometry Kit.

As the term portable, this tool is easy to carry anywhere so that this measurement can be done anywhere easily and effectively. Portable Anthropometry Kit also consists of several parts with each function that varies according to the needs of use.

Some of the uses of the Portable Anthropometry Kit are as follows:

1. Anthropometer dan Branches Measurement Curve 

Anthropometer is a measuring instrument used to measure several dimensions of the human body such as the height of the child’s body, height of the child’s body parts such as feet, hands, etc. In addition to the Anthropometer, there are also Branches Measurement Curves that are used to complement the anthropometer.

Also, we have arranged the anthropometer safely so that it can be used by all ages, including children.

2. Small Spreading Caliper 

Small Spreading Caliper is a caliper measuring tool used to measure the child’s head area. Small spreading has a slightly blunt tip so it will create comfort when using tools. This also we adjust to the safety of usage that has been well adjusted. Small spreading caliper is used to measure head circumference, head width, face width and so on.

By using this instrument the measurement can be done effectively, efficiently and easily done by anyone. Also, the results obtained are more accurate by using this instrument.

3. Sliding Caliper 

Sliding Caliper is an instrument that is almost the same as sliding caliper in general. However, what distinguishes this tool the most is other sliding instruments are security and needs that have been adjusted. Some measurements that can be done using the sliding caliper itself are measurements of hands, palms, soles and areas that cannot be measured with an anthropometer. Using a sliding caliper, measurements will be easier to use, especially for children.

How to Purchase a Portable Anthropometry Kit?

If you are interested in buying instruments that we produce, please fill  ask for price via the link on the side. Or if there is something you need, please directly ask our team via whatssap listed. We will be ready to help you to get the measuring instrument you want. For more information about our instruments, please read other articles available on our website.

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