Selling Growth Mats for Measuring Babies and Children from Solo Abadi

Efforts to reduce the number of people suffering from stunting are essential, especially after the Indonesian Government agreed to make stunting as a problem of child growth that must be resolved immediately. In various ways, the appropriate equipment is an essential thing to detect stunting.

A wide variety of tools are used to make measurements affordable, and everyone can take measurements. Because in several places, stunting detection measurements cannot run properly due to measuring equipment availability. On the other hand, measurements cannot be carried out properly without the right equipment.

On this occasion, Solo Abadi would like to introduce our newest product, specifically the Growth Mat. One of the reasons we made this product is that we want to help many people who cannot afford the price to measure a child’s body. However, you can use this mat as an alternative tool to use. But beforehand, we will explain first to acknowledge our equipment.

What is ‘Growth Mat’ (Tikar Pertumbuhan)?

A growth mat is a measuring tool that can be used as a visual guide for health workers to the child’s parents to see if they have a height appropriate for their age. This mat has two sides of different sizes, between girls and boys. Although the data obtained using these mats are simple and easy, they can be used as an early detection tool for stunting and can identify children who need special care.

Although this tool cannot detect stunting in-depth, we can see the benchmark for the baby’s development later through this tool.

Measurements Using a Growth Mat

In performing measurements using a growth mat, it is necessary to know about how to use this instrument.

  1. Prepare the Growth Mat to be used, then place the appliance on a flat surface such as a table, floor, or board.
  2. There are two different sizes between men and women, slowly, lay the child or baby on their back according to the sex of the child.
  3. Next, make sure the child is in a straight position, and the feet’ soles or heels form the elbows.
  4. Finally, we can analyze the measurement results of the child, provided that:
  5. If the feet or heels’ soles are in the green area, it means that the child’s growth is normal. 
  6. If the foot or heel’s sole is on the yellow line, there is a warning for the child to be stunted.
  7. If the feet’ soles are in the pink area, the child is indicated by stunting.

Growth mats are used for children 3-21 months of age. Because at this time, we know that children can be indicated as stunting or not.

Advantages of using the Growth Mat

Several functions or advantages of the Growth Mat itself, such as:

  1. Tremendous and Safe Flexi Material and Comfort To Use
  2. Various Designs That Are Liked by Kids
  3. Very Affordable Prices with Excellent Quality
  4. Flexible Designs So Measurements Can Be Taken anywhere.
  5. Cardboard packaging that is safe to use for shipping
  6. Exclusive Kit For Storing Measuring Instruments
  7. There is a ‘Special How to Use Card’

Here is a picture of the Growth Mat we produce:

Interested In Owning Our Product?

If you are interested in buying our products, immediately get our products in several marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee. Don’t hesitate just to consult the anthropometric measuring kit or stunting you need. Because it prevents stunting, it is essential!

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