Measuring Tools For Babies That Must be Recognized by Public Health Center

In health, checking the baby’s growth and development is one of the crucial things. Why is that? Babies, toddlers, or young children are a critical growth period. Thus, the child’s growth must be monitored as quickly as possible.

Moreover, the government campaign regarding stunting is why monitoring child development is increasingly essential to do. Every month, we can see children are required to see their growth and development through periodic checks at the Public Health Center.

There are three types of measurements performed:

  1. Measurement of Length or Height
  2. Body Weight Measurement
  3. Head Circumference Measurement

In this case, each measurement is carried out using a unique tool or instrument provided by the Puskesmas. However, it is not uncommon for the equipment to be inadequate or unable to measure maximum growth.

Solo Abadi is a production and provider of medical devices, trying to see this as our potential to create a useful measurement tool, especially the length of a child’s body. Also, we are quite concerned that the measuring instruments used by some companies are imported. For this reason, Solo Abadi strives to create a baby length measuring device that is easy to use, with an attractive design but at an affordable price.

For that, we introduced the Infant Ruler Length Measurement Tool.

Get to know the definition of an infant ruler length measurement tool.

Baby Length Measurement Tool is a measuring tool used to measure a child’s body from 0-2 years. Why is this tool only used for children aged up to 2 years? The reason is the development of children aged 0-2 years affects whether the child is stunting or not. Because stunting detection can only apply for children aged 0-2 years, children who are already stunted cannot be adequately treated again above that age.

Measurements Using Infant Length Measuring Instruments (Infant Ruler)

Measuring using this measuring instrument is not difficult. You can take measurements at home if you have this tool. Some steps or ways that can be taken to take measures are:

  1. Prepare the Baby Length Measurement Tool, then place the tool on a flat base such as a table, floor, or board.
  2. Place the measuring instrument with the head panel’s position on the left and the slider on the right. Slowly lay the child or baby on their back and the baby’s head gently against the head panel.
  3. After that, bring the child’s feet together, then gently press the child’s knee until it is straight and well attached to the base. Press the soles of the child’s feet to form the elbows. Then, slide the bottom panel and place it right on the sole of the child’s foot, so that it touches the tip of the child’s foot.
  4. Finally, we will get the results of measuring the baby’s body length, read the data from the measurement of the baby’s body length on a scale towards a larger number.

Keep in mind and this tool use measure children aged 0-2 years with a measurement scale of up to 99 cm.

Advantages of Infant Length Measuring Instruments (Infant Ruler)

Although there are measuring instruments used to measure babies’ length, the infant ruler has several advantages:

  1. Material that is safe and comfortable to use
  2. Various Designs That Are Favored by Children
  3. Very Affordable Prices with Superior Quality
  4. Flexible Forms So Measurements Can Be Taken anywhere
  5. Cardboard packaging that is safe to use for shipping
  6. Motif Bag To Store Measuring Instruments
  7. There is a ‘Special How to Use Card’

The following is a picture of the Infant Ruler that we produce: Here is an image of the Infant Ruler that we make:

How to Get an Infant Ruler from Solo Abadi

If you are interested in purchasing our products, immediately get our products in several marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee. Don’t hesitate just to consult the anthropometric measuring kit or stunting you need. Because it prevents stunting, it is crucial!

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