Anthropometric Equipment that an Ergonomics Laboratory Must have

In some various departments at engineering faculties in Indonesia, some ergonomics laboratories become a research class, that we generally found in various departments of engineering.

It is one of the important places that run to support the teaching and learning process to be more effective. In ergonomics laboratories, students are usually taught to practice using tools that support the manufacture of their goods or projects.

In this case, almost all ergonomics laboratories use anthropometry as a scientific study that is practiced and researched in ergonomics laboratories.

Anthropometry itself is a science that examines the dimensions of the human body or measurements of the human body, the data from anthropometry measurement is then used to create shapes, ergonomically useful items.

To measure the dimensions of the human body, or to be precise to learn about anthropometry, various measuring tools are required, so can be applied in making anthropometric measurements.

Besides, the measuring instrument must be ensured that it matches the required measurements so that measurements can be adjusted precisely and accurately.

Measuring Instrument For Ergonomics Laboratory

In this section, we will learn about several measuring instruments that can be used to complement the ergonomics laboratory to make it more modern and instruments that better support learning, so some of these items can be used.

1. Anthropometric Chair

An anthropometric Chair is a measuring instrument used to measure the dimensions of the human body in 3 positions, specifically Face Area, Standing Position, and Sitting Position. This instrument is used in 34 measurements of the human body.

The Anthropometric Chair is one of the anthropometric measuring tools that has been used by the majority of Industrial Engineering throughout Indonesia. Anthropometric chairs are becoming a popular learning tool because they are very functional and have a relatively unique shape compared to other existing anthropometric instruments.

2.Anthropometry Kit – Complete Set Series 

Anthropometry Kit is an anthropometric measuring instrument consisting of several instruments with various types of tools used in anthropometric measurements. Some of these tools are the anthropometer, sliding caliper, small spreading caliper, and branch measurement curves.

Unlike the anthropometric chair, the anthropometric kit can be used to carry out more than 100 anthropometric measurements. The 100 measurements cover various positions such as standing, sitting, face area, and many more.

Anthropometry kit – complete set series is very easy to use and easy to carry anywhere. Because we create this portable and detachable form.


A stadiometer is a medical and research measuring instrument used to measure the height of the human body. This instrument is often used to conduct research, clinical trials, and medical records. The stadiometer is one of the tools commonly used in various fields, such as Health, Nutrition, Education.

In an ergonomics laboratory, usually measuring height is only done using an ordinary tape meter. However, with a stadiometer, measurements will be easier, more systematic, and more modern.

How to Get a Measurement Tool for the Right Ergonomics Laboratory?

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