Sell Infantometer To Practice Body Measurements For Babies

Child development is an important priority that must be prioritized. The growth and development of the child will be a benchmark, for whether the nutrition the child has received is appropriate to support growth and development. 

Then, what are the indicators of good growth and development? In the medical world, good growth and development can be seen from two factors, namely the child’s weight and height. 

Basically, there are still many things that can be indicators, but these two things are the first indicators. By monitoring the child’s height and weight, it is hoped that parents will know if the child has grown according to their age. For example, children aged 3 months, 6 months, to 12 months of course have different body standards. So, if the child does not grow to the age it should be, then the role of parents is important to analyze this.

How to Take Measurements

To monitor a child’s development, measurements are usually adjusted according to their age. For example, measurements of body height are carried out once a month. And bodyweight is monitored once a month. Where every month, the number should increase.

In carrying out their own measurements, in Indonesia usually, health authorities such as Puskesmas and Posyandu facilitate parents to be able to measure their child’s growth and development accordingly.

In measuring children aged 0-2 years, measuring instruments are usually used that are able to measure children in a supine condition. This is because children of this age are better measured in the supine position. In this case, we will discuss the measurement of the child’s height or the child’s body length.

Tools For Measuring Baby’s Body Length

There are various kinds of instruments that can be used to measure a baby’s body, from conventional tools to modern tools. In some inland areas, for example, tools such as tape measure for measuring children are still found. 

However, in fact, the tools used for measuring babies cannot be arbitrary. And in accordance with the standards that have been applied by the government. Then, what is the appropriate measurement tool? Measuring tools suitable for the first baby are of course safe, if the child does not get a safe tool, then it is clear that measurements should not be taken. 

Besides being safe, of course, the tool must be easy to use, a tool that is easy to use will support adults to practice it easily. Because sometimes, not only health professionals use these tools but also parents.

Best Baby Length Measurement Tool

With several measuring instruments for baby length available today, we recommend one of the appropriate measuring instruments for measuring baby length. Measuring the length of the baby is a metrisis infantometer. Infantometer is a measuring tool for body length in children and toddlers.

The infantometer is used for necessities and is used in various fields such as health, education and public health. This measuring instrument is a standard measuring tool used to monitor a child’s height. Then, what are the advantages of using an infantometer?

Check out some of the uses for using an infantometer instead of other measuring instruments:

  1. Easy to use for measurement.
  2. scale reading when measuring.
  3. Portable form so easy to carry anywhere.
  4. Safe materials are used.

There are various types of infantometer, but we recommend our product as one of the newest infantometer products that can suit your needs.

Infantometer with the Best Quality from Solo Abadi

Solo Abadi sells an infantometer tool that is used to measure the length of babies. The infantometer we have has the following advantages:

  1. The scale is clearly visible at the time of measurement
  2. Both sides can be folded for easy storage
  3. Simple instrument installation
  4. Premium and durable tools
  5. Certainty in measurement insurance Exclusive bag for tool storage

Here are some photos of the infantometer equipment we have as follows:

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