Public Health Laboratory Practical Tool, Anthropometric Kit!

Anthropometric Kit as practical tool is important to support the learning process in the Department of Public Health or Public Health. The Department of Public Health (Public Health) is a field of health science whose practice is very close to the community.

Based on The Untilled Field of Public Health, this domain encompasses both the scientific and artistic aspects, aiming to enhance quality of life by promoting awareness and disseminating information across various strata of society, spanning from communities to individuals. In practical terms, the realm of public health intersects with numerous other disciplines to fulfill its objectives.

practical tool public health

One of them is the science of anthropometry or the dimensions of the human body. The term Anthropometry is widely used in line with the government’s stunting prevention campaign. Anthropometric measurements in the field of public health are used to assess a person’s nutritional status, this is then used as an indicator for detecting stunting cases.

What is Anthropometry?

Prior to delving into the intricate realms of anthropometry and its pivotal significance within the sphere of public health, let us initially grasp the essence of anthropometry first.

“Anthropometry” is a term derived from Ancient Greek, where “anthropos” means human and “metri” means measurement. From these two terms, it can be inferred that anthropometry is the science that deals with the dimensions of the human body.

practical tool public health

The term Anthropometry has been in use since 1987, as described by Sanders & McCormick (1987), where they define anthropometry as the study of body measurements and other physical attributes that have implications for the design of clothing and wearable items.

This then becomes the background for the role of Anthropometry in various fields, from medicine, industry, physiotherapy, product design, architecture to public health. In the field of public health, anthropometry also plays a significant role. So what is the role of anthropometry in this field? Let’s review together!

Anthropometry Role in Public Health Department

Numerous forms of nutritional health issues persist globally, among them being stunting. Stunting is a circumstance wherein a child’s physical growth falls below the average for their age due to insufficient nutritional consumption. This predicament, stands as Indonesia’s foremost nutritional challenge. Consequently, the government is fervently advancing campaigns to combat stunting. One pivotal player in stunting prevention endeavors is the public health sector.

practical tool public health

Within the public health sector, medical professionals serve as the vanguard in promoting stunting prevention alongside Posyandu volunteers. To effectively execute their responsibilities, they require tools to facilitate the identification and supervision of children’s nutritional well-being.

Moreover, within the realm of public health, anthropometry finds application in educational endeavors within university settings. As previously stated, anthropometry, or the measurement of human body dimensions, serves as a gauge for evaluating a child’s nutritional condition. This assessment is conducted through parameters such as body weight, height, upper arm circumference, and head circumference.

Therefore, accurate anthropometric measurement tools are needed to support accurate and precise data on the nutritional status of children. The following are recommendations for anthropometric measurement tools for the best stunting detection for Public Health lab practice tools.

The Most Accurate Anthropometric Measurement Practical Tool for Stunting Detection to Support Public Health Education

Anthropometric Kit – SK TKDN produced by PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a package of anthropometric measuring tools to detect stunting from toddlers. This package consists of a Portable Stadiometer, Infantometer Board, Digital Adult Scale, Digital Baby Scale, LILA Tape and also an Anthropometric Bag. The specifications for the Anthropometric Kit – SK 17 have been adapted to KMK HK 01.07/MENKES/1919/2022 regarding the complete specifications for the anthropometric kit package. Solo Abadi’s Baby Scales and Digital Adult Scales are connected to the MetrisisApp application which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

practical tool public health

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