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Previously, we have discussed several things related to measuring using a stadiometer. On this occasion, we will share about the stadiometer products that we produce this year. The stadiometer itself is a measuring instrument that is vertical and is used to measure the dimensions of the human body, especially for height.

Measuring height in Indonesia itself usually still uses measuring tape or stadiometer attached to the wall. Meanwhile in Indonesia, portable stadiometers are still rarely found, even though this product is very important for use in various fields such as medicine, health, health centers, to educational institutions. On this occasion, we will explain about the stadiometer and how important it is to measure height with a stadiometer.

Measurement of Height with a Stadiometer

Height and body length are common indicators of body size and bone length. Height is used as a variable to measure a person’s nutritional status, seeing how height has an important role in this. Thus, the validity and accuracy of measuring instruments are required in research to obtain appropriate and accurate results.

Some of the fields that use a stadiometer are as follows:

  1. Medical
  2. Education
  3. Public health
  4. Health Care
  5. Military and Police
  6. And so forth

We will explain about the Portable Stadiometer product from Solo Abadi.

Metrisis Portable Stadiometer

Metrisis Portable Stadiometer is a stadiometer from Solo Abadi which consists of several pipes that can be combined into a long height measuring instrument with vertical measurements. On the pipe, a base will be given to stand on the foot and a slider board on the head.

The Portable Stadiometer from Solo Abadi has the following advantages:

  1. Strong aluminum material with high quality
  2. Validity and Accuracy of specific measurements
  3. Clear measurement reading tool
  4. Wide measuring base so that the measurement is more comfortable to use
  5. Easy tool installation guide
  6. Can be operated anytime, anywhere, and by anyone
  7. Can be used for child and adult measurements
  8. There is an exclusive bag for stadiometer storage

Below is an example of photos of height measurements in Solo Abadi.

How to Get Stadiometer Products from Solo Abadi

For those of you who are interested in buying our products, please buy our products through our official WhatsApp at the following numbers. You can also consult with us for information about stadiometers.

Solo Abadi is the largest producer of anthropometric instruments in Indonesia. We are ready to provide the best service with qualified product quality. Please contact us for further information. Or simply email us on 

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