Recognize More About Three Anthropometric Data and Its Important Use!

In the previous article, it was explained that Anthropometric Measurement can be done in various fields such as Industrial Engineering, Sports, Health Sciences to Product Design. From these measurements will be obtained data results can be used in various ways according to their fields.

The various anthropometric data are usually arranged in a graph so you can see the frequency. That way, anthropometric data will be more easy to read. From these data, then it will be used as reference in carrying out various activities according to their fields.

What Are the Types of Anthropometric Data?

According to Bridger (2003), anthropometric data is divided into 3 types of data, including :

1. Structural Anthropometic Data

This data is also known as static anthropometric data, where measurements are made on the part of the human body that is in position silence or remain. Measurements are made from an accessible anatomical pointer identified with each other or a fixed point.

For example, height is measured from the floor. Data from measurements It can be used to design furniture such as tables and furniture chair.

2. Functional Anthropometric Data

This data is known as dynamic anthropometric data. This data collected to describe the movement of the body part measured from a certain point. Body dimensions are measured in various positions on the body when moving, so it will be more complex and more difficult to measure.

According to Wignjosoebroto (2008), dynamic measurement is divided into several parts, including:

  1. As an approach to understanding the mechanical state of a activity carried out measuring the level of skills. For example in study athlete performance.
  2. When working requires a measurement of the range of the room. For example, range of effective hand and leg movements.
  3. Measurement of work variability. For example, kinematics analysis and the capabilities of the fingers of a typist or operator computer.

3. Newtonian Anthropometic Data

The data used in the mechanical analysis of the load received by the human body. This data is used to compare between loads in the spine from different lifting techniques.

This anthropometric data is very useful for designers arrange the tools on the workspace to get optimal results, for example for a car driver’s workspace.

Tools Used for Anthropometric Measurements

After knowing what anthropometric data are and their uses, we too must understand the tools used to make measurements anthropometry so that we can use and apply it in a variety field.

The following are tools that can be used to take measurements anthropometry, including:

1. Anthropometric Chair

The anthropometric chair is a measuring tool that is usually used for measure the scope of dimensions of the human body. After development existing technology, anthropometric chairs are far more modern than previous.

If you look at the previous anthropometric chair, all the components tools made of wood. Now, the anthropometric chair is already using various material components such as aluminum and stainless steel. Chairs anthropometry has also used a power supply so that it can increase and decrease the base automatically.

2. Portable Anthropometry

In addition to the anthropometric chair, portable anthropometric measuring instruments are also available used to measure the dimensions of the human body. The difference is in the form is smaller and portable so that it can be taken anywhere.

This tool is also capable of measuring more than 100 measurements. So, the anthropometric measurements you can take can be more effective, efficient, and accurate.

3. Anthropometry Kit / Stunting Edition

Stunting is a problem that is usually experienced by babies, little child. In preventing stunting in children, efforts are needed to detect stunting early. To detect it, we need anthropometric tools precise and accurate so that the resulting output can be maximized.

Precise and Accurate Anthropometric Measurement Tools!

After getting to know some of the anthropometric tools above, we must be careful and be wise in choosing which tools are appropriate and accurate to perform Anthropometric Measurements.

To answer these needs, Solo Abadi provides various tools. The best anthropometric measurements that are very effective, efficient, and accurate.

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As a manufacturing company that has been established since 2005, Solo Abadi has produced various anthropometric measuring instruments to fulfill this your needs.

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