Recommendation of Height Measurement Instrument from the Government

In monitoring the child’s growth, parents will usually visit the nearest clinic or health center and use existing measuring instruments to determine the growth of the child’s height.

As your child grows so fast, you may find it difficult to go back and forth to the clinic to measure your child’s height. It would be nice to have your height gauge, wouldn’t it?

According to PERMENKES RI No. 2 years 2020 on child anthropometry standards, the first 4 points article is the assessment of the nutritional status of children by comparing the results of measurement of weight and length/height of children.

Although many height gauges are on the market today, many still often found some products that are far from the provisions of health standards. Such as non-precision measuring instruments, using easily damaged and unsafe materials, as well as the way of application of difficult tools.

To overcome this, the Government of Indonesia provides advice or recommendations in choosing a quality height measurement instrument and following health standards.

Factors to Note in Choosing a Height Gauge

In buying medical devices of course as consumers want to get a quality and reliable tool. Therefore, here are the factors to consider before you buy a height gauge :

  1. Make sure the High Gauges you buy are accurate, precise, and standardized by the Ministry of Health.
  2. Be sure to use materials that are safe to use and materials that are not easily damaged.
  3. Choose a product that facilitates the use or application and the way of care of the product.
  4. Choose a guaranteed and reliable product, can be by looking at the assessment from the previous buyer.
  5. Lastly, buy a quality product but still at a reasonable price.

The above factors can be a reference before you buy a height gauge. If we get the appropriate tool, then the functional tool can be applied to the maximum by the user. So that health workers can also automatically detect problems precisely.

The Height Gauge (Stadiometer) of Solo Abadi Indonesia has included and fulfilled the above factors. By promoting reliable quality, Solo Abadi Indonesia designed a Height Gauge in such a way to be adjusted to the needs.

Advantages of Height Gauges from Solo Abadi Indonesia

  • Guaranteed Products

High Height Measuring Equipment from Solo Abadi has a warranty claim for 1 year by applicable regulations.

  • Accurate and compliant with Department of Health Standards

Measuring Instrument from Solo Abadi guaranteed its accuracy and precision, has been adjusted to the standard, even recommended by some Posyandu and Puskesmas in Indonesia.

  • Quality Materials

Using Stainlessteel material that is not easily rusty, strong, and safe to use, also very easy to maintain.

  • Products that Are Ready Stock

We have a lot of stock products, so there is no need to wait for pre-orders or anything like that. So the product can accelerate delivery and fast-moving.

  • Positive and Reliable Review

Positive assessment from some customers and customers Solo Abadi Indonesia gives a very influential impact, to prove the quality of Products Solo Abadi Indonesia.

  • Easy use

In addition to the manual book that we provide in one product package, we also provide education on how to install tools, the use of tools, through a complete video that is very easy to understand on our youtube channel Solo Abadi.

  • Simple and Exclusive Tool design and Packaging

The appearance of an Exclusive but still simple tool is one of the reasons why you should buy a Height Meter from Solo Abadi Indonesia.

Here are some photos of Height Gauge products from Solo Abadi Indonesia :


If you are interested and want to know more information about Solo Abadi Indonesia products, please contact us via Whatsapp, or through our marketplace at Shopee, and Tokopedia. We’re waiting for a message from you.

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