5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Medical Devices From Domestic

Production and innovation efforts in the field of medical devices in Indonesia continue to be carried out by the government, especially today medical devices are still importing from abroad.

This is certainly also supported by the availability of adequate medical equipment facilities and infrastructure in every hospital, health center, and health clinic in Indonesia. Therefore, the production of medical devices in the country must be built and continue to be developed.

The Importance of Domestic Use of Medical Devices

Until now, the fulfillment of medical device needs in Indonesia almost 90% import from abroad. To stop the dependence on imports of medical devices from abroad, the Ministry of Health together with the Ministry of Industry encourages the industry to produce more innovative medical devices in Indonesia.

Based on research from the government, the growth of the domestic production medical device industry this year showed an increase. The medical device industry increased from 193 to 211 industries. The type of medical devices also increased from 255 to 261.

Reduction of Imported Health Products for Indonesia

The government stipulates that every imported product that enters Indonesia is restricted, so it is expected that imported products entering Indonesia can be reduced.

To protect domestic producers, the government also restricts quotas on the entry of imported products into Indonesia.

5 Reasons to Choose Domestic Products

Here are some reasons to buy medical devices in the country :

  • Helping To Advance Indonesia’s Economy

By purchasing medical devices in the country, we help advance the industry and economy of the country, can also save the regional or state budget.

  • Quality of Domestic Medical Devices

Domestic medical devices are guaranteed quality and usefulness, as well as the quality of medical devices in the country no doubt.

  • Friendly price

Purchase of medical devices in the country, get good quality but at a price that is adjusted to the pockets of the people of Indonesia.

  • Resource Utilization

By purchasing domestic medical devices, reduce dependence on imports from other countries. To maximize resources and benefits in the country to the maximum.

  • Love the Motherland

Purchasing domestic products can increase the love of the country and the love of the country.

In Indonesia itself, quite a lot of medical device manufacturers have developed. One of them is PT Solo Abadi Indonesia. Is a manufacturing company and medical devices pride of Indonesia, which is ethical and reliable to be a partner in the industrial world that provides a sense of security and comfort because of the quality of products, a strong system, and neat but still flexible.

Recommendations of Quality Medical Devices from Solo Abadi Indonesia

The increase in the production of medical devices is considered important to be known by the People of Indonesia as a medium of information, education, and health promotion to the public.

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia presents a wide range of medical device products, especially measuring instruments, namely: Anthropometry Chairs, Height Gauges (Stadiometers) and for infants (Infantometers), Fat Percentage Gauges (Skinfold Caliper), and Stunting Kit Packages.

Products from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia have the advantages :

  1. Have exclusive and quality products.
  2. With good quality but still at a friendly price.
  3. With a guaranteed product warranty and easy to claim with the terms and conditions applicable.
  4. Solo Abadi uses quality materials so it is safe to use.
  5. Instrument installation is very easy and can be done by anyone with the available manual book.

Here are some examples of medical devices produced by PT Solo Abadi Indonesia :

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