Automatic Paper Feeder Machine (Friction Feeder) from Indonesia

Feeder machine in Indonesia is still a machine that is rarely known. In fact, the fact that feeder machines have been used by various industries throughout the world. Feeder machines are proven to be used in several industries for Food, Health, Cosmetics and so on. Feeder machines are generally used in the production and packaging of products.

For those of you who do not know, feeder machines are also popularly known as Automatic Feeders or Friction Feeders. Then, what is the complete understanding of the Feeder Machine? Check out our full explanation in the following article.

Definition of Feeder Machine

The feeder machine itself is a machine designed to help the production process run effectively and efficiently. The feeder machine operates by removing paper or objects one by one, then flowing back with a belt conveyor. Then, how does the Feeder Machine work itself?

Through the available loading stack, we can include various types of paper in the loading stack such as greeting cards, ID Card paper, envelopes, cardboard, telephone cards, packaging, paper containers and many more.

After that, we can adjust the rate of exit of objects one by one, namely the speed of objects out of the feeder. To find out more details about our feeder machine, you can see it in the following video:

Industries Using Feeder Machines

Nowadays, automatic feeder machines have become an important tool to use. Feeder machines are used for a variety of industries. According to the existing facts, overseas, the use of feeder machines is much more common than in Indonesia. Some industries that have used feeder machines are:

  1. Food industry
  2. Beverage Packaging Industry
  3. Cosmetics Industry
  4. Cigarette Industry
  5. Pharmaceutical industry
  6. Promotion Industry
  7. Agriculture Industry

In addition to the several industries above, feeders have various functions that can be adjusted according to their needs. This time, we will provide information about the Automatic Paper Feeder Machine from Solo Abadi Indonesia, Inc.

Feeder Machine from Solo Abadi Indonesia Inc

Solo Abadi Indonesia has the latest Light Feeder machine product which is used to separate paper to certain materials. The way the Feeder Machine works is by loading the product into the loading stack material tank, the machine will automatically separate the product or paper one by one and put it in a certain container according to demand.

  1. Some of the advantages of our Feeder Machine are:
  2. Automatic Feeder Device System
  3. Simple and Easy to operate models.
  4. Feeder speed can be adjusted.
  5. Product size can be adjusted to your needs.
  6. Can integrate to other machines such as labeling machines, folding, injection printing.
  7. Easy to clean and use for a long period of time.
  8. Made of Stainless Steel so that the machine is anti-rust and stronger to use.

In addition, various kinds of product or paper components that can be inserted into our feeder machines are coupons, vouchers, leaflets, stationery, greeting cards, cards, sachets, stickers and many more.

Here are photos of our feeder products:

For complete specifications of the feeder machine from Solo Abadi Indonesia, you can click on the following link. The feeder machine from Solo Abadi Indonesia is the first feeder machine in Indonesia, and we are the first feeder machine manufacturer in Indonesia.

In addition, do not worry about buying a feeder machine from Solo Abadi Indonesia. Solo Abadi Indonesia has been known with a good reputation in all our customers in Indonesia and overseas. In addition, we have shipped our products to various industries in Indonesia.

Get Special Feeder Machine from Solo Abadi Indonesia, Inc

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