Providing the Best Service, Solo Abadi Performs Checking of Measuring Instruments at the Tanon 1 Health Center in Sragen

Surakarta, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia – Solo Abadi visited the Tanon 1 Health Center, Suwatu Village, Sragen in order to check anthropometric measuring instruments. The check was carried out on Friday (20/12/2023) with posyandu officers in Suwatu Village. This is done in the context of checking and following up on damage to measuring instruments, so that they continue to function optimally to prevent the risk of stunting in Sragen district. The measuring instrument was checked by the Solo Abadi team, namely Sigit Dwi Prasetyo, Aisyah Umi Khalsum, C Lintang Larasati, and also Satria Wicaksana.

Posyandu Parties Convey Constraints After Contacted by the Company

The visit to check the measuring instruments that have been used by consumers is carried out as an effort to maintain the quality of the measuring instruments so that they remain functional. Considering that the measuring instruments distributed by the company play a role in detecting stunting, we are making this effort. With the hope that the measuring tool will be successful in accurately measuring the body dimensions of children and babies. After the Solo Abadi team contacted a number of Community Health Centers that had distributed our anthropometric measuring devices, there were reports of problems at one of the Posyandu.

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Posyandu Officer Shares Experience in Using Anthropometric Measuring Instruments

Following the reports of problems from Posyandu staff, the Solo Abadi Team contacted directly via a messaging application. The Posyandu officer who is responsible for Suwatu Village, Sragen, conveyed his confusion regarding the use of the Portable Stadiometer measuring device to us. Then the Solo Abadi team decided to make an in-person visit as well as resolve the problems experienced.

The Solo Abadi Team is Sprightly Visiting for Further Consultation

After making an appointment with Posyandu officers, the Solo Abadi team departed for Sragen on Friday, January 20, 2023 morning. After arriving at the location, our team was immediately welcomed by the Posyandu staff. Then the inspection began to be carried out by checking the condition of the measuring instrument, during monitoring it turned out that there was no physical damage to the tool. The obstacle experienced by Posyandu officers turned out to be a misunderstanding in the reading of the measurement results.

The measurement results from the Portable Stadiometer should be read through the available reading window, but the Posyandu staff reads the measurement results from the head stopper chip. So that the measurement results were inaccurate, the Solo Abadi team then gave directions and re-explained the rules for using the height measuring device. Posyandu staff finally understand the solution to the problems they face, we hope that if a user experiences a similar problem, it can be immediately communicated with the team so that the measuring tool can function optimally.

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Checking the Condition of the Portable Metrics-Stadiometer Measuring Instrument by the Solo Abadi Technical Team Friday (01/20/2023)

Spread Wider Helpfulness

This was the checking session and also consultation on measurement constraints with anthropometric measuring instruments from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia. Hopefully the anthropometric measuring instruments that have been distributed to various regions throughout Indonesia produced by Solo Abadi can continue to bring benefits. We have focused on user convenience and product benefits from the start, especially since this tool bears a crucial responsibility. Namely to detect the potential for stunting early on, so we maximize after-sales service to ensure the maximum use of the tool.

We hope that similar obstacles can be conveyed and communicated directly with the team from Solo Abadi, so that the fight against stunting is not hampered. Thank you to the Posyandu and the Suwatu Village Health Center for being cooperative in conveying the obstacles faced. Hopefully the communication between customers and companies can continue to be well established. The company stretches its arms wide for consultation, so don’t hesitate to contact the team.

Solo Abadi Working Creatively, Serving Sincerely!

About PT. Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT. Solo Abadi Indonesia is a company located in Surakarta, Central Java. Engaged in manufacturing and is the largest producer of portable stadiometerinfantometer boardanthropometric chair and stunting kit in Indonesia, which was established in 2005. Solo Abadi products can be applied in various fields of science such as health, anthropology, forensics, industrial engineering, product design, academia, to the military. We hope that we can continue to contribute to advancing the domestic industry by offering certified and licensed products for distribution.

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