Largest Cigarette Company in Indonesia, PT Gudang Garam Tbk Uses Light Emboss From Solo Abadi Indonesia

Surakarta, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia — One of the largest cigarette companies in Indonesia, PT Gudang Garam Tbk uses the brand of PT Solo Abadi Indonesia, Light Emboss 210. Cigarette company Gudang Garam has corporate branches spread across Indonesia including Kediri, Cirebon, Kartasura, Lamongan, Kudus, and Bojonegoro. The center of this Gudang Garam company is located in Kediri, East Java. The salt warehouse cigarette company is famous for its production of kretek cigarettes such as djaja salt warehouse, chocolate, red, sriwedari, and patra.

Light Emboss Machine from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

The use of Light Emboss 210 on the brand of salt warehouse cigarettes is applied to the provision of production codes or code daters on the etiquette of kretek djaja cigarette packs, chocolate, red, sriwedari, and patra. The production code is an important thing to be loaded in cigarette packs. The production code has contained the date, month, and year of the cigarette produced by the cigarette company.

From 2014 to 2021, PT Gudang Garam has given confidence to PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is giving its cigarette packaging production code through embossing 210 machines. This is good cooperation between PT Gudang Garam and PT Solo Abadi Indonesia. Until now, PT Solo Abadi Indonesia continues to innovate and creativity in every product, especially this Light Emboss 210 machine. PT Solo Abadi Indonesia hopes that this cooperation will last a long time so that each company continues to provide innovation and creativity to jointly advance the company.

About PT Solo Abadi Indonesia

PT Solo Abadi Indonesia is a company located in Surakarta, Central Java. Engaged in manufacturing and is the largest manufacturer of light embosslight slitting, light feederportable anthropometricportable stadiometerinfantometer boardskinfold caliperanthropometric chair, and stunting kit in Indonesia which was established in 2005. Solo Abadi products can be applied in various fields of science such as health, anthropology, forensics, industrial engineering, product design, academies, to the military.

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