Get to know Anthropometric Measurements in Hand

Palms are widely used in daily activities. And Hand anthropometry is needed to design tools that involve hand movements. These measurements have a very essential role, because without any measurements before designing the tool it can result in discrepancies. So it is necessary to conduct anthropometric measurements in the palm of the hand.

This mismatch can cause decreased productivity, discomfort, accidents, biomechanical stress, fatigue, injury to cumulative trauma disorder. We certainly don’t want something like that to happen, do we? Before we discuss anthropometry on the palm, let’s first identify what anthropometry is!

What is Anthropometry?

The meaning of the word anthropometry itself comes from the Greek words “anthropos” (human) and “metron” (measurement). Generally explained, anthropometry is a study that is closely related to the measurement of the dimensions of the human body. And anthropometry itself is part of the science of ergonomics which is specialized in studying body size.

anthropometric palm of the hand

The history of anthropometry has existed since 1987, at which time it was explained by Sanders & McCormick (1987) that anthropometry is the measurement of body dimensions or other physical characteristics of the body that are relevant to the design of something that people wear.

Palm Measurement Dimension

Although the palm has a relatively small size in the structure of the human body, its role in activities is very large. So it is necessary to carry out detailed measurements in each dimension or palm anthropometry so that the activity runs optimally. The following are anthropometric data that can be measured on the palm of the hand:

  1. Thumb width (Lij),
  2. Index finger width (Ljt),
  3. Middle finger width (Ljtg),
  4. Ring finger width (Ljm),
  5. The width of the little finger (Ljk),
  6. Thumb length (Pij),
  7. Index finger length (Pjt),
  8. Middle finger length (Length),
  9. Ring finger length (Pjm),
  10. The length of the little finger (Pjk),
  11. Metacarpal hand thickness (Ttm),
  12. Thumb hand thickness (Ttij),
  13. Thumb thickness (Tij),
  14. Finger thickness (Tj),
  15. Hand gripping length (Ptm),
  16. Hand gripping width (Ltm),
  17. Hand length (Pt),
  18. Palm length (Ptt),
  19. Metacarpal hand width (Ltmk),
  20. Width of hand to thumb (Ltij),
  21. Little thumb distance (Jjk),
  22. Maximum grip diameter (Dgmak),
  23. Minimum grip diameter (Dgmin),
  24. Fist width (Lkt),
  25. Fist height (Tgkt).

Application of Palm of the Hand Measurement

These 25 measurements are used to estimate the optimal hand strain of a particular population at work. We certainly can’t just use average anthropometric measurements in a country with a physique that is much different from other countries. So it is important to carry out anthropometric measurements of the hand according to the population and race.

As mentioned earlier, these measurements will later be used as a reference in designing products that involve handwork. Measurements must also be adjusted for age and gender. Palm measurement applications include designing gloves, motorcycle or bicycle handles, shoes, pedals, ear-phones, and much more.

Like a motorcycle handle, hand grip measurements are needed to make baseball bats and other hand sports. After the average measurement data for each population is taken, the data can be used as a reference in evaluating the hand anthropometric size and grip strength of basketball, volleyball and handball players.

The Most Accurate Anthropometric Measuring Tool

The results of anthropometric measurements require measuring tools to support these accurate results. Here is a selection of the best measuring tools that can be used :

Portable anthropometry kit

Metrisis – Portable anthropomethry produced by Solo Abadi Indonesia is a measurement tool derived from an anthropometry chair that is packed as a portable tool. As for how innovation should be, portable anthropometry could be used to measure more than 100 human body measurements. Just how chair anthropometry works, portable anthropometry could be used in various fields such as sport, forensic, industrial technic, product design, academy, and military.

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Get anthropometric measuring tools from Solo Abadi by filling in the available ask for price. You can also connect directly through our WhatsApp, because we are ready to contact you immediately.

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