More Accurate, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Portable Stadiometer!

Measuring human height has various benefits and advantages of its own. However, the fact is that not all height measurement tools match the needs of the user. Why is that? This happens because not all height measuring devices have the proper scale. Or in other words, the results cannot be considered true. In addition, many of them have quality far below the actual average.

Then, what is the right height measurement tool for use?

Recommended Portable Stadiometer from Solo Abadi

For anthropometric measurements of height for adults and children, we highly recommend a portable stadiometer. A portable stadiometer is a height measuring instrument, based on aluminium and stainless steel. This tool is able to measure height anywhere until whenever, because of its portable and removable plug.

Stadiometers have been used by various agencies such as:

  • Health clinic
  • Hospital
  • Military Academy
  • Directorate of Naval Health
  • Directorate of Air Force Health
  • Army Medical Center
  • Police Agency
  • Educational institutions such as elementary schools, junior high schools to high schools

Then, why use the Portable Stadiometer from Solo Abadi? Check out some reasons to use a Portable Stadiometer!

1. Accuracy More Precise

Measurements using a stadiometer are clearly more accurate to use. Especially with the base stadiometer, the measurement is clearly more stable to do. So that the measurement results must be more precise.

2. More Quality and Durable Tools in Use

Apart from having high accuracy, the stadiometer is more durable to use. This is because the materials used are very premium, with proper storage, the tools can be durable to use.

3. Safe for Children and Adults

Stadiometer is also safe to use for children to adults. Why is that? The shape of the stadiometer is in accordance with the standard, making measurements much safer. Because sometimes an unsuitable tool can endanger the patient or the person we are measuring. So that security is an important thing.

4. Measurements Can Be Done Anywhere and Anytime

The use of a stadiometer as a height measurement tool can be used to make it easier for users, one of the conveniences offered is that measurements can be taken anywhere. Why is that? The shape of the stadiometer can be removed and attached, so that measurements can be made anytime and anywhere. Stadiometer is also suitable for use as a research tool with guaranteed quality.

5. An Environmentally Friendly Bag Is Available

Another advantage of the stadiometer itself is that it has a bag that is used as a storage for the stadiometer. The function of this bag is that measurements can be made anywhere and anytime. The stadiometer bag is also environmentally friendly so it can be used for other storage bags, without damaging the stadiometer.

Portable Stadiometer from Solo Abadi Indonesia, Inc

Solo Abadi Indonesia produces portable stadiometers that have been used by hundreds of people in Indonesia. Our products are also ensured to be safe and of the highest quality. Then what are the stadiometer products from Solo Abadi Indonesia? The following is a description of our product images as follows:

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