Application of Anthropometric Science in Product Design in the Industry

Did you know that the knowledge of anthropometry has been widely applied in the industrial world. Anthropometry is the study of human body size, from head to toe. The use of anthropometry to achieve consumer satisfaction in the economic aspects of a product.

According to (Wignjosoebro, 2008), anthropometry is a study related to measuring the dimensions of the human body. The field of anthropometry includes various measurements of the human body such as body weight, position when standing, when stretching arms, body circumference, leg length, and so on.

Anthropometry has been widely used in the process of designing or manufacturing products. Fields that have applied anthropometry include industry, medicine, police and military, sports, and others.

Do you already know how the application of anthropometry in the industrial world? Let’s look at the following explanation.

Examples of the Application of Anthropometry in the Industrial World

Of the many examples of the application of anthropometry in the industrial world, one of them is in designing a welding table. In designing the welding table, a lot of body sizes are used as a reference for the size of the welding table. Among others:

  • Elbow height standing
  • Elbow length
  • The reach of the outstretched hand is measured from the shoulder to the fingertips.
  • Upper sleeve length

In addition to welding tables, anthropometry is also applied to designing wheelchair models for the elderly. Because the elderly have limitations in high mobility. So to make wheelchairs suitable for the elderly, anthropometric studies are needed.

Anthropometric Aspects in Bicycle Design Design

Bicycles that sometimes make the rider tired and uncomfortable

Bicycles are designed as comfortable, safe, and efficient transportation for humans as an alternative to healthy and environmentally friendly vehicles. Of course, if you want to design a bicycle that is comfortable and safe, you need to determine the size of the bicycle geomotry according to the study of anthropometry.

Similar to the design of welding tables and wheelchair models for the elderly, bicycle design should also apply anthropometry to measure the parts of the human body that are used as a measurement reference for the geometric structure of the bicycle frame.

The geometry of a bicycle is determined based on the shape and size of the frame. Meanwhile, the size of the frame is determined by the size of the rider’s body. In the process of taking measurements, usually the parameter that is used as a reference is the position of the rider when riding a bicycle, for example:

  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Shoulder knot point
  • Wrist
  • Hips

Ergonomic Bicycle Design and Ideal for Adults and Children

Based on the parameters of the body part being measured, the geometry or dimensions of the ideal and ergonomic size of the bicycle for adults will be obtained, as follows:

Tools Used To Measure The Size Of The Human Body

To measure parts of the human body in the process of designing a product design, a special measuring device is needed that can reach all parts of the body. These measuring instruments include:

1. Anthropometric Chair

Anthropometric Chair

The Anthropometric Chair is a tool for measuring 34 Dimensions of the Human Body. This tool makes it easy for us to take measurements that require high precision on body size. This body measuring aid can be used in three parts, namely: standing position, sitting position, and measuring the face area.

2. Metrisis Anthropometry Portable

Portable Anthropometry Kit

Portable Anthropometry Kit is an anthropometric measuring instrument used for measuring the human body and is an official anthropometric kit brand from Solo Abadi Indonesia. This instrument is an anthropometric measuring instrument used for measurements of the human body. Measurements using portable anthropometry are very efficient and accurate.

The function of this tool is to carry out anthropometric measurements carefully and prioritize the accuracy of the data.

This instrument offers measurement capability of up to 100 measurements. Besides that, its portable form makes this tool can be used indefinitely and carried out anywhere.

How do you get the products above?

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