Let’s Try to Detecting Stunting Early Using a Growth Mat in Indonesia

Detecting Stunting Early Using a Growth Mat

There are substantial procedure for people to detecting stunting early is by using the Growth Mat. But it needs to be understood, that the Growth Mat is not the primary reference to determine to stunt or not.

As a reminder for all of us, Stunting is where the child is suffering from excessive or old malnutrition (malnutrition), and no one is handling it. So, the child can have Stunting. 

Understanding The Meaning of Growth Mat

As the name suggests, the Growth Mat is a mat that can show whether the height of a child under two years is appropriate for their age or not. Thus, health workers or parents can detect early on Stunting.

History of the Growth Mat

Initially, the Growth Mat create by a caring organization called TMG (The Manoff Group). They created the Growth Mat to prevent Stunting in Bolivia. Over time, many countries have adopted the growth mat. Starting from Cambodia, Guatemala, to Indonesia.

In 2017, the Directorate General of PPMD, together with the Ministry of Health and the World Bank, began implementing growth metrics in every Healthcare in Indonesia. It aims no other than to detect early on Stunting.

And finally, in 2018, the Vice President at the time, H. M. Yusuf Kalla, officially launched the Growth Mat in the City of Surakarta. Then, the Growth Mat use in various regions in Indonesia, which became a priority due to the high stunting rate.

Various References about Growth Mat

On the Growth Mat, there are two different sizes for boys and girls. Following the reference from the Directorate General of Village Community Development and Empowerment, the Growth Mat has a variety of specific specifications and criteria in each of its makings. WHO also confirmed this in 2006 regarding the measurement of nutritional status.

The following are various references in making the appropriate Growth Mat and by the Ministry of Health’s provisions:

  1. Growth Mats have a length of 125 cm and a width of 80 cm;
  2. The material of the mat make from flexy with a printed area;
  3. There are two different sizes, one for women and one for men;
  4. There is a body length limit at each age, which is used as a parameter in calculating anthropometry;
  5. There is a head limit made of acrylic with a thickness of 3 mm.

Growth Mats is a solution to detect early whether a child is stunted or not. The Growth Mat is the best option because we can detect early on stunting at a low price.

But keep in mind that the Growth Mat is a tool that can detect Stunting or not early, not as a determinant of Stunting. Because in determining the condition of a child experiencing Stunting or not require measurement of body weight and height or length.

The Best Growth Mat That Fits the Standards

If you look at various e-commerce sites, most of those who sell Growth Mats do not have 3mm thick acrylic headboards, following recommendations from the Ministry of Health and the Directorate General of PPMD.

Even if some provide Growth Mats with acrylic head restraints, they usually only offer acrylic with a thickness of 2 mm. In fact, with such width, it will be very easily damaged or broken, not suitable for long-term use. For this reason, Solo Abadi provides a growth mat that is appropriate and by standards.

A Good Quality Growth Mat From Solo Abadi

Like all the products we have produced and provided, we always prioritize the value of quality and exclusivity without reducing its function. We offer various attractive and elegant designs to choose the Growth Mat that suits your choice.

In addition to using the best material in its class and following the Ministry of Health standards, we pack the Growth Mat with a drawstring bag so you can take measurements anywhere quickly and efficiently.

To maintain the mat of Growth in production from Solo Abadi so that customers can well receive it, the Growth Mat that has been put into a drawstring bag will be repackaged in a cardboard box and wrapped in bubble wrap. Thus, the product will remain safe during the shipping period.

If you want the Growth Mat in the Anthropometry Kit – SK package to detect and prevent Stunting, don’t worry! Just consult our team via WhatsApp Solo Abadi at number 085100888111.

Let’s Prevent and Detect Stunting with the RIGHT, FAST, AND ACCURATE using the Stunting Kit Because Preventing Stunting Is Important!

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