Selling Anthropometry Kit for Measurements in the Military Field

In the military field, anthropometric measurements are an crucial and essential thing to do. In some countries such as America, Canada, India, Iran, and Brazil, they have use anthropometrics in their military fields. We have also explained on various occasions that anthropometric measurements are needed on numerous times.

The Anthropometric Measurement Function in the Military Field

The science of anthropometry has an essential function in the military industry. Some anthropometry functions in the military field are:

  1. Study the temporal changes made in the physical dimensions and capabilities of military forces over the years.
  2. Knowing and detecting disease conditions felt by military troops early on.
  3. As reference data to produce military clothing, weapons, and equipment following military forces’ physical characteristics.
  4. Making anthropometric data as reference data in recruiting military forces

The importance of periodic anthropometric measurements in several countries, especially in the military field, should make this important to study. In Indonesia itself, anthropometric measurements should be a general study considered in various areas, including the military.

Selling anthropometry kits

To meet the needs of a measurement, it is necessary to have a precise and precise anthropometric tool. We offer our products, namely Portable Anthropometry Kits, as a solution for suitable anthropometric measurements.

A Portable Anthropometry Kit is a set of anthropometry instruments. This product is consisting of an anthropometer, small spreading caliper, sliding caliper. This set of anthropometric devices is packaged using an aesthetic suitcase that is safe to use. Then, why we have to use a portable anthropometry kit?

  1. Safe Stainless-Steel Base Material
  2. Suitable to Measure More Than 100 Measurements
  3. Ready to Take Measures Anytime and Anywhere
  4. Safe Packaging for Shipping
  5. Special Manual Measurement Tutorial Book

Some of these advantages can be done using just using one instrument. Besides, the Portable Anthropometry Kit is a 100% product made in Indonesia, which has been well tested and calibrated.

The price of our products is far more economical compared to other anthropometric kit products. For this reason, portable anthropometry kits can be used as well as possible to make precise and appropriate measurements.

Special Promo of Portable Anthropometry Kit in 2020

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In addition to selling our products, we are also ready to provide free consultations regarding any anthropometric products that you need. For that, immediately contact us and get attractive offers Portable Anthropometry products from SOLO ABADI.

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