Detail Process Regarding Conveyor Belt Making from Solo Abadi

Suppose you’ve ever visited the airport, Japanese restaurants, or factories that produce mobile phones. Of course, you are familiar with tires or rubber that can carry goods on it automatically. For those of you who don’t know the instruments’ terms, the device is called a Belt Conveyor.

Understanding Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor is a device whose role is to move continuously or transport bulk material or units, from one place to another with a horizontal path, tilt, or a combination of both. The base used to carry the tool is usually made from tires or rubber to metal (adjusting the type of machine to be moved). The bottom can be called the Rubber Belt. Rubber Belt itself is made of rubber reinforced with carcass or nylon thread or the like.

Another story if the belt on the conveyor requires considerable tensile strength because the load or the tool to be moved is also significant. If that is the case, the belt needs to be strengthened again using a woven steel wire or steel cord.

Understand the material conveyed by the conveyor belt

As explained earlier, the primary function of the Belt Conveyor is to deliver or carry transport material. The content is usually made of various shapes and materials (adjusting the equipment to be moved).

As we know, the shape and material of the material itself are very diverse; some are rough, some are subtle, some are in the form of sand, cement, coal, and electronic devices. And this will affect the design of the conveyor machine.

As designers or makers of conveyor machines, they must understand the tools or materials that will be moved. This way will significantly assist in making the right, economical, and optimal conveyor machine with a low risk of error.

Conveyor Belt Type

As we have already mentioned, the shape of the Belt Conveyor machine design will adjust to the material that will be transported. To better understand this, the following are the various types of conveyor belts, according to the article:

1. Cotton Conveyor Belt

As the name suggests, this Belt Conveyor make from cotton. The thickness of this belt varies; everything adjusts to the needs in the production machine. The following are the characteristics of the Cotton Conveyor Belt:

  • Conveyor Belt Cotton is usually used to carry dry goods, such as shoes and cloth;
  • Cotton Conveyor Belt has a non-slippery surface;
  • Cotton Conveyor Belts cannot bring liquid products;
  • Conveyor Belt Cotton is more often used to transport light and small workpieces, etc.

Besides being able to carry dry goods, the Cotton Conveyor Belt can carry objects such as wooden blocks, raw rubber, and others.

2. Rubber Conveyor Belt

This rubber-based conveyor belt is very suitable for moving hot items or products, such as hot plastic. For more details, here are the characteristics of the Rubber Conveyor Belt:

  • Unlike before, Rubber Conveyor Belt can be used to carry goods in watery areas;
  • Rubber Conveyor Belts can also send products made from dry materials;
  • Rubber conveyor belts can move heavy and large items, such as fabric sheets, alloy wheels, rubber sheets, etc.

3. Habasit Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt Habasit is a conveyor machine made from PVC, PU (Polyurethane), and plastic. This Belt Conveyor machine is usually used to carry chemical goods. For more details, here are the characteristics of the Habasit Conveyor Belt:

  • Habasit Conveyor Belts are usually used as a final weighing session for the final product;
  • Habasit Conveyor Belts can be used to carry thin and slippery types of products;
  • Habasit Conveyor Belt is commonly used to carry products whose terrain is uphill or downhill;
  • Habasit Conveyor Belt can also be used to move solid objects that have hot temperatures.

Examples of items that can be used in the application of Belt Conveyor Habasit are products that have just come out of the process of dozing like rubber in shoes, tires, and other items, namely rubber film, fabric liner, and so on.

4. Metal Conveyor Belt

With the basis of the composition of metal materials such as stainless steel, Metal Belt Conveyor is usually used to carry hot solid objects, but still through the cooling process. Such as metal parts, plastic, and so forth.

The following are various characteristics of a Metal Conveyor Belt:

  • Metal conveyor belts can transport material that is still undergoing a chemical air cooling process;
  • Metal conveyor belts can carry content that passes through the hot cooling fluid;
  • Metal conveyor belts can be used to carry goods with uphill or downward terrain, horizontal area media, etc.

5. Modular Conveyor Belt

Modular Conveyor Belt has the advantage of carrying goods or products that require a smooth line. For more details, the following are the characteristics of the Modular Conveyor Belt:

  • Modular Conveyor Belts can be used to move product material that requires sliding;
  • Modular Conveyor Belts can be used to carry goods in watery areas and contain chemicals so that the product is not sticky;
  • Modular Conveyor Belt can move large and heavy products with a sliding method, and so on.

Solo Abadi As A Manufacturer of Belt Conveyor Machines

As a manufacturing company that has been established since 2005, Solo Abadi can always provide all the needs of precision parts or precision machined components to specialized custom products. One of them is Belt Conveyor or other Conveyor machines.

By sticking to our tagline, namely “Creative Work, Sincere Serve,” Solo Abadi always meets all the needs of our clients and customers with all my heart, both in working on products and after-sales services.

Services for Making Precision Parts and Special Products with CNC Machines

In addition to being able to produce Conveyor or Belt Conveyor machines, Solo Abadi can produce precision machined parts and special custom products.

As a manufacturing company that has been established for 15 years, Solo Abadi has been trusted by various clients. Here are the different services that you can get:

  1. Lathe Services;
  2. Milling Services;
  3. Fabrication Services;
  4. Machining Services; and
  5. Special Product Machine Services.

If you are interested in collaborating with Solo Abadi, you can contact us via the following link. You can also contact us through our WhatsApp number.

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