Interested in Being Cigarette Manufacturer? Here Some Things You Need To Know

When we are starting a tobacco company is an exhausting endeavor. Usually, there are legal hurdles that must be overcome before a company can or want to start marketing its merchandise. However, it is no longer a secret that this industry can be profitable, especially for those who know the specialty and import the cigarette market. Often the cigarette industry is considered never to die because people’s needs and demands for cigarettes are high. Thus, this business is quite tempting for most people who can see opportunities.

According to data from Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen Indonesia (Indonesian Consumers Foundation) YLKI, quoted in the YLKI article, and it says that smokers in Indonesia are the third largest in the world on the website. YLKI states that more than 35% of the Indonesian population are active smokers. Every year, the cigarette industry produces 360 billion cigarettes. This figure is still increasing to more than 500 billion cigarettes per year, according to the target of the significant cigarette industry. From this, we can imagine how much demand for cigarettes themselves.

Here we will share some information if you are interested in opening your cigarette factory, namely:

1. Know about Cigarette Regulation

Because cigarette manufacture is an industry with very strict licensing. So, at the very least, you should learn about state regulation. Because in Indonesia, Malaysia, ASEAN, to the United States have different rules regarding this business. As much as possible, make sure you have a clear business plan. As concerning rental fees, employee costs, license fees, and regulatory fees.
After having a clear business plan, it’s time to scrutinize the latest tobacco laws. That includes studying business rules. Because as shareholders, you need to know the rules and regulations which we must follow and apply.

2. Obtain an Official Tobacco License

A license is one of the many essential things to get. The function of a product license is itself, avoiding the product against possible misuse. Permission is an important thing, especially for the cigarette industry. Why is that? Because the cigarette industry gains a sizable profit. Because this condition could causes the abuse of cigarettes.

3. Find the Right Distributor

Building a cigarette factory and working in this industry will be easier to do by collaborating through distributors. Why is that? Because by signing contracts with third parties. It will be easier for producers to market their business. Be sure to look for distributors who have the same vision and mission. Besides, distributors must understand the regulations in the cigarette business clearly. Because again, in the world of tobacco, the law is the key to proper marketing.

4. Determine the Right Market for Your Business

After several pieces of information that we already share before, also, make sure to connect with many different demographics of smokers, from those who want the cheapest goods on the market. And, to those who want a more luxurious experience while smoking. We can also learn about marketing strategies through newspapers, radio, and the Internet. It is essential to connect us with all customers.

If you already have these four components, then you are ready to begin your cigarette factory. Besides, make sure that you can work closely with domestic and international tobacco farmers. The good, to make a tobacco company. We started as a small independent company in the country by making or producing cigarettes from tobacco that you buy from farmers. Also, try to hire people with experience in the tobacco industry, including a scientist, chemist, and farmer.

Cigarette Machine Manufacturing Services in Indonesia

If you need quality cigarette machine manufacturing services to complement your cigarette company, with our 15 years of experience, we are ready to help you get the anthropometric products you need. Please contact SOLO ABADI, because we open the service of making custom machines, one of which is a cigarette machine. There are two cigarette machines that we produce, Light Emboss and Slitting. These two cigarette machines have functions for different needs.

Light Emboss 210 is a machine specifically designed to provide a code dater or production code by embossing cigarette packs’ etiquette. Light-cigarette slitting is a machine designed specifically to separate ambry from tobacco on damaged cigarettes so that smoking can be reused. If your company wants to know the Light Emboss 210 machine’s specifications, please click this link. If you want to know the Light Emboss 210 machines price, please click the following link.

Or if you need parts or a cigarette machine that can be used as an appropriate cigarette. Please contact SOLO ABADI, through our official website or our official WhatsApp at +62 851-0088-8111.

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