The Relationship of Anthropometric Measurements and the Military Field

This time, we want to raise the topic of how anthropometric measurements in the military, whether land, sea, or air, are crucial matters. We chose this topic because there were quite a several questions relating to the relationship of the military and anthropometric measurements several times. Besides, we also have several customers who come from the military field. One of them is the Yogyakarta Air Force Academy.

But before that, it needs to be studied in advance about anthropometric measurements. In short, anthropometric measurements are measurements that include the dimensions of the human body. Anthropometric measurements have different classes and adjusted to their requirements. For example, for the practice of education and toddler health practices, there are anthropometric measurements performed. But the areas are different.

The following topic includes some explanations regarding the anthropometric and military links. It aslo explain the characteristics of the anthropometric data used in a survey, and the anthropometric data functions obtained.

Relationship between Anthropometric and Military Measurements

In the military world itself, anthropometric measurements are an essential component in checking army bodies’ condition. Why is that? One of the requirements in taking an exam to join the military, for example. Required body conditions following the standards, and ensure that the body is in a healthy state. This is one of the reasons why anthropometric measurements are very important to do.

What are the characteristics of anthropometric data needed for a survey?

To make relevant anthropometric measurements. Then there are two object qualifications for the measurement data that must be obtained, namely:

1. Grouping data such as race, ethnicity, geographical location, etc.

First, to obtain suitable data, we must pay attention to the racial grouping of military combatants. According to research conducted by Bradtmiller et al., 1985. It is explained that age, racial or ethnic background, and gender are the main drivers of anthropometric variability. Thus, in the survey conducted, the existing anthropometric data must consider these characteristics.

2. Take a sample in a certain amount

Second, take a large number of samples. The anthropometric data used to make a product, the most relevant result, is when the data represents the entire population. For this reason, researchers need to obtain a large and representative sample in this regard.

The function of anthropometric data in the military field

In anthropometric measurements in the military field. There are several reasons why anthropometric measurements are important to do, including:

a. As a symbol of the health of the warrior and the choice of the warrior

According to the book’s named, Anthropometry: The Individual and the Population. It says that the nature and validity of the relationship between anthropometry and soldiers’ health and physical performance continue to be the main focus of military research. This theory then became the basis of many anthropometric standards for the selection and military personnel. Each military personnel has different anthropometric measures. For example, the United States military, South Korea, and Indonesia have different body standards. The standard forms using existing anthropometric analysis.

b. Manufacture of military equipment and facilities

Besides, being an indicator of health for warriors. It is no less important is how anthropometric data will be used to create appropriate or appropriate military clothing and equipment designs. With anthropometric measurements, one can create military equipment that is safe and suitable for use. This concept is also related to the function of anthropometry in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and Product Design. Anthropometry has an essential role in creating products and military environments that suit your needs.

Those are some things related to the urgency of anthropometric measurements in the military field. Next, we will discuss anthropometric measurements in the military field and what equipment is used to measure anthropometry in the military area.

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