Get To Know the Science of Ergonomics before Making Mass Products

It has been realized for a long time, if non-ergonomic devices and equipment that used by human raises its own problems. However, along with the development of the times, ergonomics is a science that is able to make people more creative in terms of creating a product that is comfortable and safe for used. If you observe a product which is able to compete in the market, it is no longer just in terms of the appearance. However these products certainly also demanded to have a sense of comfortable and safe when it used.But the problem is that the comfort obtained from a product sometimes can only be judged in some people. Therefore, you need the design of a product that can later be adjusted to the dimensions of the human body in general.

Who doesn’t want to have products that are comfortable and safe?

Ergonomi adalah ilmu yang mampu menciptakan produk yang nyaman dan aman
Examples of ergonomic principles in everyday life

Even though some products have good product designs, the product also goes through the research phase. This is needed so that the marketed product still has a comfortable and safe aspect. One of the principles used for products to feel comfortable and safe is by use the Ergonomic principle.

We have often encountered ergonomics applications in daily life, including ergonomics in dentistry, health ergonomics, computer ergonomics, leisure chair ergonomics, laptop ergonomics, human ergonomics, reception desk ergonomics, body ergonomics, etc.

And now, the question is, what is ergonomics?

Before discussing ergonomics further, let’s first discussing about how the history of ergonomics begin. Ergonomics was first popularized in 1949 when it was made the title of the book by Prof. Murrel. While ergonomics itself comes from Greek, “ergon” (work) and “nomos” (rules / principles). And in general ergonomics means the study of the nature, abilities and limitations of humans to design a work system so that people can live and work in a system that is effective, safe and comfortable. The term ergonomics itself is often used widely in Europe, and in the United States, and more familiar with the term “human factor” (human engineering).

In human civilization, this science has helped humans since 4,000 years ago. Its development has been started when the human design simple objects. For example, like a stone to help work, until it is done repairs on these tools to facilitate users.

After a long time, the development of modern ergonomics began when Taylor (1880s) and Gilberth (1890s) conducted studies of time and movement. And after that, it evens more intensely used during World War I which was used to optimize between products and humans.

Then what do experts say?

1. Tarwaka (2004):

“Ergonomics is the science, art and application of technology to harmonize all facilities used both in activities and in breaks based on human abilities and limitations both physically and mentally so that overall quality of life becomes better.”

2. Sritomo:

“Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that studies humans related to their work.”

3. Wignjosoebroto S(2003):

“Ergonomics is a systematic science to utilize information about human abilities and limitations in designing a work system so that people can live and work on the system better by achieving the desired goals through an effective, efficient, safe and comfortable work.”

In everyday life this application of science has a very big role, almost all fields of work must use ergonomics. This science is applied in work life so that workers feel comfortable in doing work. With the sense of comfort it is expected that labor productivity will increase. You can also see the following ergonomic applications in everyday life.

Broadly speaking, aspects of ergonomics in everyday life pay attention to things that are more detailed. Like how people do work, how the position works, the equipment used, and what the effects of security and comfort work.

And this example of anthropometric chair which used to measure the dimensions of the human body, so that the principle of ergonomics in making furniture products can be achieved.

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