The Best Quality of Cigarettes Industrial Machine

Machine for cigarettes industry that we know today have long journey and a lot of story. Invention of machine is one of the greatest achievement for mankid that be mark of Industrial Revolution. Industrial Revolution be a gate for world society.  It shown the increase of life quality significantly. Between 1750-1850, the quality of manufacturing …

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Selling Machine to Give Production Codes on Cigarette Packs

As a city with the epithet of the heart of Java, Solo is famous cause its historical and cultural. In the other side, Solo has become a paradise for culinary lovers. In that city, Solo Abadi was born and determined to continue advanced with new industrial era. As a manufacturing company, Solo Abadi offers innovations …

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Cigarette Industry in Indonesia

Cigarette industry in Indonesia is one of the biggest contributor of Indonesian economic. Cigarette industry need a lot of labor and it’s a nice fact. In our country, cigarette industry provide employment opportunities for thousands employee. But, many obtacles head off cigarette industry. Slowly but sure, the government sign more regulations for cigarettes industry. However, …

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