Studying About Kinanthropometry on Sports Science Field

We often discuss the importance of anthropometry in various aspects in previous articles, such as anthropology, ergonomics, health, product design, to sports. At this time, we want to discuss more about one of the parts contained in Sports Science (but there is still a correlation with anthropometry), namely kinanthropometry.

Definition of Kinanthropometry

According to the language, kinanthropometry consists of three words from Greek, namely kinein which means to move, anthropos which means human and metrein which means to measure. Kinanthropometry refers to the dynamics of the quantitative relationship between human structure and function.

Definition of kinanthropometry is a study of about measuring the effect on the shape, proportion, composition, maturity, and the nutrients a person to understand the characteristics related to human movement up to achievement in sport. Briefly speaking, the definition of kinanthropometry is the measurement of the human body for the application of human movements. These measurements include many things, such as body proportions, composition, body type (somatotype), maturation, motor ability, cardiorespiratory capacity and physical performance.

Functions and Roles Kinanthropometry on Sports Field

Kinanthropometry have an important role in a variety of sports, such as:

  1. Become a determinant of sports that can maximize the achievements of each athlete
  2. Assessment of maximum oxygen volume (mm / kg / min) in the fitness status of athletes
  3. Metabolic equivalent (MNT) measurement
  4. Assessment of fat composition, bone, water content and muscle mass.

Additionally, kinanthropometry have an important role in monitoring the development of the athletes. In monitoring the development of each athlete on talent selection in sports becomes less effective and productive if the trainer does not know the growth rate that occurs in athletes.

Not only athlete’s physical fitness, athlete measurement becomes an important thing in professional sports. This happens because the measurement results are used as benchmarks to examine athletes of all possibilities. Because of that all the possibility of victory in national or international matches is increasing.

Kinanthropometry is also often applied by foreign coaches in sports training (as in the country of India) because kinanthropometry deals with various problems they encounter in the field. For example, should body development be reviewed to clarify the physical standards of a fitness test?

Implementation Kinanthropometry in Sports

By applying kinanthropometry, there are several things we can understand about the growth and development of athletes through the characteristics of athletes. These characteristics will be useful for the following:

  1. Body characteristics can help athletes to maximize the portion of exercise they need.
  2. And also the characteristics of the body can provide some recommendations for the type of exercise in accordance with his body shape.

For example, athletes who have ectomorphy body components. The characteristics of ectomorphy body shape are slim and thin body shape and have a narrow chest. Ectomorphy body types are not always characterized by tall people. This is indicated by the results of the relationship test which showed no significant relationship between height and the ectomorphy component.

In addition, athletes who have ectomorphy body shape are difficult to increase their muscle mass because they have high energy expenditure and it is difficult to increase muscle mass. However, athletes with ectomorphy bodies tend to have the advantage of having a light weight, so they are easily moved.

The Best Kinantropometry Measurement Tool

To support the need to carry out all measurements (ranging from height to width of the biepicondylar humerus) quickly and effectively, Solo Abadi offers a kinantropometry measurement tool called the Portable Anthropemetry Kit. Portable Anthropometry Kit is a measuring tool kinanthropometry that can calculate the entire outside of the human body. Portable Anthropometry Kit consists of various tools with different functions.

1. Anthropometer

Anthropometer is an instrument that is usually used in sports, anthropometer becomes one of the important parts used to measure the human body. This instrument consists of several beams which can be combined according to height measurement requirements. In addition, at the end of the beam two sliding blocks can be installed which will be used to measure certain body areas. Some measurements that can be done using the anthropometer itself are:

  1. Acromion Radiale Length
  2. Acromial Height Sitting
  3. Acromial Height Standing
  4. Waist Height
  5. Arm Inseam
  6. Arm lenght
  7. Cervicale Height
  8. Interscye Distance
  9. Radiale-Stylion Length

2. Sliding Caliper

Sliding caliper is an instrument used in vertical body measurements with smaller scales such as the length of the palm, length of the hand and others. We designed this tool in detail so that it can be used to measure shorter areas of the human body. Some measurements that can be done with a sliding caliper are:

  1. Neck Height Behind
  2. Malleolus height lateral
  3. Malleloulus height medial
  4. Finger length
  5. Sphyrion height
  6. Hand Length
  7. Hand Width

3. Small Spreading Caliper

And finally, the small spreading caliper used in measuring circular bodies, such as head circumference, chest circumference, hand circumference and so on. The small spreading caliper that we produce has a pointed tip type that is used to measure body areas in more detail and without worrying about hurting the part to be measured. Some measurements using small spreading caliper:

  1. Face breadth
  2. Head Length
  3. Total Face Height
  4. Minimum Frontal Breadth
  5. Bigonial Breadth
  6. Height of Lower Face
  7. Biepicondylar width of humerus
  8. Biepicondylar width of femur

Anthropometry Kit that we produce is made of stainless steel material, so the level of damage to this anthropometric measuring instrument is very small. In addition, the Portable Anthropometry Kit container is specifically designed to maintain its quality.

How to purchase Portable Anthropometry Kit products

If you are interested in purchasing our special kinantropometry measurement products, you can visit the following link to ask for price.

Or contact us by pressing the whatsapp icon in the lower right corner. Don’t hesitate if you just want to ask for prices or ask for more detailed information about our special products, because we will always serve you kindly.

Let’s get to know Kinanthropometry more deeply by using a special Portable Anthropometry Kit from SOLO ABADI.

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