Anthropometry Measurements in Sport Field

Knowing the impact of doing sport routinely with the body shape that you want is important. Besides to keep your body fitness, sport obtains your dream body. To make it happen, anthropometry measurement is needed before and after doing sports to know the progress.

Every sport has its function, purpose and criteria for each other, so the result can be maximum as you want. The example is playing basketball. Body postures that shaped are height, arm length and muscle strength. In running sport, people with flat feet are recommended to do short-distance running than long-distance running based on the risk of injury.

On the other hand, the exercise equipment supports your sports activation with comfortable and safe feeling for athletes and non-athletes, like using running shoes for jogging, wearing sports bra or running shirt to keep the circulation of your sweat disposal smoothly.

Sports in Running

The Importance of Anthropometry in Sport

Anthropometry is science that learning about human body construction which includes the human body developments from time to time and the dimensions of these body parts. Anthropometry measurements are the most basic and oldest thing in sport. From these measurements, we will understand the physical condition from their ideal body shape or body composition.

The physical measurement covers the body shape development with the health, immunity of disease, physical ability and quality of personality. There are measurements which often used in sport:

1. Height

Someone who will be measured stands closer to the wall with upright body position, heels tight and his head slightly raised. Body length measurements are expressed into centimeters.

2. Weight

Body mass measurements are measured using weight scales and expressed in kilograms.

3. The followings are how to measure the length of the body such as arm length, leg length and so on

a. The length of the arm is measured from the arm bones head (Caput Os. Humerus) to the middle tip (Ismaryati, 2006).

b. The leg length includes the length of the bones forming the upper and lower limbs. These bones are thigh bone (os fermor), knee bone (os patella), shin bone (os tibia), calf bone (os fibula) and ankle bone (ossa torsalia).

4. The followings are how to measure the body area (body composition) such as thick fat, bones, muscles and organs

a. The body composition is the sum of all body parts consisting of adipose tissue and fat-free tissue.

b. The subscapular fat thickness is the thickness of the fat under the scapula measured diagonally with a skinfold caliper and expressed in centimeters.

c. The thickness of the medial calf fat is the thickness of the fat under the skin in the widest circle calf. Then, in the middle of the calf with the knee 90 degrees will be measured by the skinfold caliper and expressed in centimeters.

d. Biepicondylar femur width is the width of the femur bone below the biepicondylar as measured by caliper and expressed in centimeters.

e. Biepicondylar humerus width is the width of humerus bone over the biepicondylar as measured by the caliper and expressed in centimeters.

5. The followings are how to measure the circumference of the body which consists of the chest, waist, hips, calves and so on

a. Chest circumference is a measurement around the chest circumference abreast with the nipple line and expressed in centimeters.

b. Waist circumference is a measurement abreast with the waist circumference and expressed in centimeters.

c. Hip circumference is a measurement abreast with the hip circumference and expressed in centimeters.

d. Upper arm circumference is the circumference upper left arm measure which measured with the middle of the upper arm during relaxation and expressed in centimeters.

e. The calf circumference is the circumference calf measure which measured at mid-calf during relaxation and expressed in centimeters.


The Anthropometry Measurement Tools

Anthropometry is used in various fields related to the human body and work equipment that supports its work. The function of anthropometric tools used in the field of health and sports is to measure the body mass index (the ratio between body weight and height). Thus, the result of body composition (includes someone’s nutritional status) will be known.

Furthermore, the measurement can be reached muscle mass and fat. The anthropometry tool to measure it is the anthropometry kit.

Antropometri Kit
Spreading Caliper

Sliding Calliper

Anthropometry kit consists of several parts such as anthropometer, small sliding spreading, large spreading caliper and sliding caliper. These parts have different functions to measure. Anthropometer is used for vertical body measurements. Small and large spreading is used for body measurement that curved shape like head circumference, chest circumference, waist circumference and so on. Then, sliding caliper is used for vertical measurement with a small scope, like the length of the palm, the length of the hand and the others.

Anthropometry kit that we produce is made of stainless steel material. This is an investment of long-term usage because the risk of damage is very small. This tool is equipped with a specially designed suitcase to maintain the quality and safety of anthropometric devices. The suitcase can be easier to carry and measure anywhere.

If you are interested with our special products, please click on the following link. Portable Anthropometry kit is measuring products with the best quality in Indonesia. By using International standard, Portable Anthropometry is the best choice as a measurement tool for the dimensions of the human body that is effective and modern.

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