Metrisis Stadiometer, Best Quality Measurement For Height

As a manufacturing company that is produces some kind of anthropometric measuring tool, Solo Abadi makes the highest quality height measuring tool called the Metrisis Stadiometer. As we discussed earlier, this tool is one of the best measuring tool than the microtois or stature-meter commonly used in health care or health clinic.

Why is the Metrisis Stadiometer the Best Height Measurement Tool?

There are various reasons and explanations for why the Metrisis Stadiometer is the best height measurement tool in its class. To explain this, let’s take a look at our various descriptions:

1. Precision Height Measurement Results

The most important function of a height measuring instrument is its accuracy in calculating the measurement results or its accuracy. To answer that, every Metrisis Stadiometer tool that we produce has gone through repeated calibration stages.

We do the calibration process repeatedly so that the measurement results obtained using the Metrisis Stadiometer can be optimal and accurate.

2. Using the Best Raw Materials

In order to make or produce the best stadiometer, Solo Abadi has selected and finally used the best materials. In addition to using the best raw materials, we apply various finishes to each material for maximum results. For example, we apply powder coaring finishing to the base stadiometer. We also apply anodized finishing to the pipe stadiometer.

3. Detailed Cultivation by a Professional Team

In producing the Metrisis, the team of Solo Abadi, who is young at heart, with full of talents, worked on this height measurement instrument with perfectionism. Our designer team has designed Metrisis Stadiometer by prioritizing product aesthetics without compromising its function.

4. Easy to assemble and measure

In addition to thinking about a charming design without reducing its functionality, Metrisis Stadiometer is also easy to assemble and use. We also provide tutorials or how to use the assembly and how to use it in every Stadiometer purchase.

5. There is an Exclusive Bag for Metrisis Stadiometer

In addition to getting a precise and quality height measurement tool, you will get an exclusive bag from Metrisis Stadiometer. With this bag, you don’t need to be confused if you have to take measurements anywhere and anytime. You can easily put the Metrisis Stadiometer in your bag and carry it either in your arms or in your hand.

6. Ready Stock Without Pre-Order

Due to the volume of requests we receive from both the users or of the agency, we provide Metrisis stadiometer in large numbers. So, you don’t have to wait a long time to get a height measurement tool from us.

7. Best Shipping Packaging

Apart from the design, materials, and functionality of the Metrisis Stadiometer, which is the best in its class, we also pay attention to the form of packaging in its delivery. So, users or customers will get an exclusive sensation when unboxing the Metrisis Stadiometer. In addition, the package will be received safely.

8. Responsive Customer Service

In addition to prioritizing product quality from the Metrisis Stadiometer (on products to packaging), we also prioritize serving every customer. By holding the principle of “Creative Work, Sincerely Serve,” we will always provide services to every customer or client. Not only until the completion of the payment, we will always follow up because it is included in the after-sales service from Solo Abadi.

Get The Metrisis Stadiometer Soon!

If you are interested in the height measurement tool that Solo Abadi produced: Metrisis Stadiometer, you can get it by:

  1. Purchase the Anthropometry Kit – SK Package to detect stunting precisely, quickly and accurately, or;
  2. Visit the following link

You can also contact the official WhatsApp from Solo Abadi at 0851-0088-8111. Don’t hesitate or hesitate if you just want to ask questions first, because we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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