Anthropometry Science in Road Bike Design to Reduce Injury Risk

Bicycles are a very common and widely used means of transportation in the world that are used by people of all ages. During a pandemic like this, cycling is the sport of choice to maintain a healthy body. Many bicycle communities were formed, and not a few bicycle communities customize their bicycles according to their wishes and uses.

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Many novice cyclists will buy a road bike or racing bike for the first time, but are confused about the right size road bike. So it takes a bike fitting to determine the right size. This is because the position of the bike (bike fitting), is the adjustment of the bicycle according to your body posture, is very important to do. First, to avoid injury, especially to the knees and back, secondly for cycling comfort so that cyclists remain comfortable cycling for a long time, and thirdly to get the best efficiency from the pedaling movement so that they get benefits in exercising.

Why do you have to do a bike fitting before using a road bike?

To avoid injury or an uncomfortable position, we are advised that it is better to do a bike fitting before doing cycling sports activities. Bike fitting is a bicycle adjustment process for the rider to get optimal comfort, performance and efficiency. This is very important because there are some cyclists who complain of pain in the buttocks, back, lower legs, upper limbs and neck while cycling or after cycling activities.

Bike fitting is recommended for anyone who cycles. A bicycle that fits perfectly can help prevent injury from overuse and can help muscles and lungs function at their best, increasing performance and of course the pleasure of cycling.

Things to consider when buying a road bike

1. Bike Sizing

            There are several things that need to be considered when choosing a bicycle that is used for exercise, this can be done by changing the size of the bicycle, it is very possible because it can provide comfort and is not too complicated, or often also called bike sizing. Bike sizing is the process of taking individual measurements and applying those specific measurements to fit a person to the right bike frame size.

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2. Bike Fitting

After we know the bike that fits us through bike sizing, now it’s our turn to determine our position in cycling with the bike fitting process. Bike Fitting is essentially a process of analyzing the adjustment between the shape and size of the bike to the cyclist’s own “posture”. In Indonesia, there are many bicycle shops that provide this Bike Fitting service or facility. The cyclist who does the Bike Fitting will be accompanied by a Fitter who will analyze and process the data from the Bike Fitting that is being done. 

Some of the benefits or functions of Bike Fitting for cyclists include:

1. Prevent injury.

2. Diagnose saddle discomfort.

3. Reduces even eliminates pain and numbness.

4. Reduce or even eliminate the discomfort of sitting while cycling.

5. Reducing cyclist fatigue by increasing the efficiency of selecting bicycle components that suit the needs of the cyclist.

6. Improve cycling performance.

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What is the role of Anthropometry in determining the bike fitting needed by cyclists?

Anthropometry is widely used for ergonomic considerations in a facility design process, which is an important factor in supporting the improvement of production services.

To ergonomically design products that are used in everyday life or to design special products, it must be adapted to human anthropometry in the environment, because if they are not appropriate, it will cause various negative impacts that will occur both in the short and long term.

There are several aspects of Anthropometry in determining bike fitting :

1. Stem

       Stem position affects the upright position. Some people prefer a more upright position especially those with back problems or flexibility problems. This can be overcome by adding distance to the stem to increase the handlebar.

2. Height of saddle

            Adjustment of the height of the saddle is very important because if it is not correct it can result in injury. Setting a saddle height that is too low puts more stress on the knee, resulting in pain or injury to the knee, and does not allow full power to the pedals. On the other hand, a setting that is too high causes you to have to tiptoe and swing your hips to reach the pedals, which results in pain in the lower back, as well as in the groin due to friction.

3. Handle bar

            The handlebar is the part of the bicycle whose function is to control and drive the bicycle. So that control can be more comfortable, you have to choose a handlebar according to your shoulder width.

4. Feet Position

       When placing your foot on a flat pedal, the sole of your foot should be directly in front of the pedal axis, so that the rider can stay balanced while standing on the pedal. Placing your foot further back on the pedal (more contact near the toes) is tantamount to placing your Achilles in an inappropriate position, causing it to tire more quickly when standing on the pedal and can cause Achilles problems.

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Tool for Taking Anthropometric Measurements

1. Metrisis – Portable Antropometry

Metrisis – Portable anthropometry kit is the newest form of anthropometric measuring instrument. Because all anthropometric measuring components such as anthropometer, sliding caliper, small spreading caliper and large spreading caliper can be carried anywhere by using a special suitcase.

Besides being able to take anthropometric measurements anywhere easily and quickly, you can take anthropometric measurements up to more than 100 dimensions of the human body.

2. Anthropometry Chair

Anthropometric chair is an anthropometric measuring instrument that can measure the dimensions of the human body. At first, anthropometric chairs were only made of wood. Over time, the anthropometric chair has turned into a modern anthropometric measuring instrument that can measure in detail.

There are 3 parts of measurement that can be done using an anthropometric chair. The first is in a standing position, the second is sitting and the last is in the facial area. In addition, the anthropometric chair is equipped with an electric jack so that it can help make measurements easier and more effective.

How To Get the Anthropometric Measuring Tool?

For those of you who need products to support and support jobs that require ergonomic values, you can use the above products, namely the Portable Anthropometry and Metrisis-Anthropometry Chair from Solo Abadi

You can visit the website or you can also come directly to our workshop in Solo, Central Java. You can also visit our social media on Facebook Solo Abadi, Instagram @soloabadi, and can contact us via WhatsApp. We are ready to serve wholeheartedly and the best service for you.

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