Using Anthropometry to Know the Performance of Basketball Athletes

Sport is a physical activity that is carried out with the aim of physical fitness, health, and achievement. One of the most popular and well-known sports in the world is basketball.

This sport is very popular with various groups, from children, teenagers, to adults. Because basketball is so famous, this sport is also used as a competition both nationally and internationally.

That’s why many people become basketball athletes. To become an athlete, basketball players must be able to play professionally and have good posture and physical condition.

What Determines the Performance of Basketball Athletes?

Basketball is a sport that is fast, dynamic, and high-intensity with a tempo that changes between attack and defense.

Apart from that, basketball also requires speed, acceleration, explosive movement, and aerobic / aerobic energy to perform high-intensity activities such as rebounding, passing, jumping, shooting, fast-breaking, and playing high-speed games.

Therefore, the physical size of an athlete will determine the athlete’s performance as well as his playing position in a team. Because posture, good body and physical structure is one of the most important supporting things for someone to become an athlete.

Relationship between Anthropometric Measurement and Basketball Athlete Performance

As we discussed in the previous article, anthropometric measurements are measurements of the dimensions of the human body that are carried out periodically.

Anthropometric measurements can be carried out in the health sector, industrial engineering, and the sports field itself. Each field has its own requirements for the application of anthropometry.

In the basketball player selection stage, it is very important to take measurements of the players’ bodies to determine the condition of the body so that it is appropriate to meet the qualifications for admission of basketball athletes according to the specified rules.

It can also be used as a reference for coaches in conducting training programs that are in accordance with the athlete’s body condition and adjusting the placement of players on the basketball court.

That way, the coaches can adjust the position of the most appropriate players to set the game strategy. Therefore, anthropometric measurements are very influential in improving athletes’ performance.

Anthropometric Measurements in Basketball Sports Athletes

A basketball athlete must take measurements on their limbs as a training reference and position the players according to their body condition. Basketball athlete measurements include :

1. Height Measurement

Height is the main thing for basketball athletes. This sport itself is synonymous with tall players. Height will also determine whether or not the players fit the rules and criteria for becoming an athlete.

In the measurement of height, players are measured without wearing footwear. Stand straight with your back against the wall, chin bent in slightly.

2. Weight Measurement

This measurement is used to detect players according to the rules and criteria for the maximum weight limit of an athlete.

In measuring body weight, players wear the minimum amount of clothes and when weighing, players must not wear footwear.

3. Arm Vulnerability Measurement

Of course, basketball athletes often use their arms when performing techniques of passing, dribbling, shooting, etc. Therefore, measuring the arm is also very important for basketball athletes.

In measuring the arm, the player stands in an anatomical position on a flat floor without wearing footwear. The length of the arm is measured from the acromion to the tip of the middle finger.

4. Right / Left Foot Length Measurement

In the measurement of the length of the right / left foot, it can be measured from the tip of the longest toe, to the tip of the back of the heel.

5. Palm Length Measurement

In the palm length measurement, it can be measured from the tip of the ring finger down to the crease of the lowest edge of the palm.

The Right Measurement Tool for Basketball Sports Athletes

To take body measurements on a basketball athlete, you must use a good and precise measuring instrument to support the measurement to be more optimal.

One of the measuring tools that can be used for basketball athletes is portable anthropometry, one of the anthropometric brands from Solo Abadi.

Why Portable Anthropometry?

  1. Portable anthropometry can perform anthropometric measurements carefully and prioritizes data accuracy;
  2. This instrument offers the measurement capability of more than 100 measurements;
  3. Its portable form makes this tool can be used indefinitely and carried out anywhere.

Interested in Buying Portable Anthropometry Products?

If you are interested and need more information about the product details of the Portable Anthropometry Complete Set Series from Solo Abadi, you can visit the following page.

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