Learn To Designing Work Facilities according to Ergonomic Aspects

In the world of work, the office is a place where workers spend a lot of time doing various activities that are in accordance with the context of the work they are engaged in. Therefore, a comfortable office atmosphere and adequate work facilities will certainly greatly assist workers in doing their jobs productively.

Various work facilities in the office are provided so that workers can use them, both to facilitate their work and to provide a sense of comfort at work.

Because if the office facilities are not in accordance with the employee’s body condition and create a feeling of discomfort while working, then the work will be ineffective and the resulting output will be less than optimal.

Therefore, we must pay attention to ergonomic aspects in designing office facilities. As explained in the previous article, the aim of applying ergonomic aspects is to maximize effectiveness at work, reduce risks at work, and create comfort at work thereby increasing productivity.

Why Should Work Facility Design Be Based on Anthropometric Measurement Data?

In designing a good and correct work facility, of course it is not just measuring and making it. But it must be with a mature design, so that the results can also be maximized and can be used properly for work.

In general, many people do not pay attention to the dimensions used in the tools they are making. Therefore, workers often experience discomfort when using office facilities such as desks, chairs, etc.

By using anthropometric data measurements, companies that are engaged in making office facilities and the like will be facilitated in producing their equipment such as office desks, office chairs, and so on.

Recognizing What Anthropometry Is

Anthropometry itself is the study of the shape and size of the human body. Anthropometric data is used for various purposes such as designing product designs, work facilities, and others.

From the anthropometric data, measurements will be obtained in accordance with the dimensions of the human limb that will be used. Therefore, we will find the most appropriate dimensions for the design to be made.

This is done in order to achieve a comfortable, safe, and healthy condition for employees and of course also can create efficient working conditions with effective results.

The Best Anthropometric Measurement Tool for Ergonomic Aspects!

To meet your needs for accurate and precise anthropometric measurement results, Solo Abadi provides the best anthropometric measurement tools. The following are the various tools that we produce :

1. Portable Anthropometry Complete Set Series

Portable Anthropometry Complete Set Series is an anthropometric measuring tool that can calculate all dimensions of the human body. The Portable Anthropometry Complete Set Series contains various anthropometric measuring instruments packed in an elegant suitcase, including :

  1. Portable Antropometer Set;
  2. Sliding Block;
  3. Branches Measurement Curves;
  4. Sliding Caliper; dan
  5. Small Spreading Caliper.

2. Anthropometric Chair

The Anthropometric Chair produced by Solo Abadi is the only Anthropometric Chair found in the whole world. With the various research we have done over the years, the Anthropometric Chair is the right choice for those of you who need the results of measuring the anthropometric dimensions of the human external body in detail.

How to Order an Anthropometric Measurement Tool according to Ergonomic Aspects

If you want to find out more information about the details of Solo Abadi’s anthropometric products, you can directly visit the website :

  1. Anthropometric Chair : https://soloabadi.com/en/antropometri-chair/
  2. Portable Anthropometry : https://soloabadi.com/en/portable-anthropometry/

If you are interested in the anthropometric measuring instruments that we produce, you can directly contact us via Whatsapp at 62851 – 0088 – 8111.

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