Tutorial How to Create the Most Effective and Efficient Face Shield from SOLO ABADI

The face shield is a face protection tool that is very important to use for workers in the field and laboratory because it can protect them from direct exposure to viruses or bacteria on the face. Nowadays, the face shield is an essential item in the medical world, especially after the outbreak of coronavirus in Indonesia. The demand for these tools makes difficult enough for the medical field.

The function of Face Shield in the Healthcare

In Healthcare itself, Face Shield has the following main functions:

  1. Protect the face area from viruses and bacteria
  2. Protect the face area from small and dangerous objects
  3. Avoid radiation to the eye

SOLO ABADI as one of the manufacturing companies that always offers ergonomic tools to help the demands of the people in Indonesia will provide information about making face shields easily. It is expected that by giving this information, anyone can make a face shield to fight the requirements that exist now. So that each person can work hand in hand to improve the need for Personal Protective Equipment in the form of an ergonomic face shield.

How to Make the Right Face Shield

There are four most important parts needed to make a suitable Face Shield, specifically:

  1. Adjuster
  2. Elastic Rubber (500 mm Length)
  3. Mica
  4. Sponge Ati

All of the materials above have been adjusted to the demands that exist and made as safe and comfortable as possible. If you want to understand more about the product, you can see in a few working drawings below to make it clearer and easier:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Besides, some of the results of making a good and true face shield can be seen in some of the images below:

If there are unclear things, or you need to know about making a good and accurate face shield. Do not worry, because of we willing to help you to find out about making a good face shield and following needs. For more detailed information about the appropriate face shield, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Whatsapp or to our official email. Because we will be ready to help you to discuss how to make a good and accurate face shield.

Let’s join in the fight against Corona by helping to suit all of our abilities! #BersamaLawanCorona # IndonesiaStandsAgaintsCOVID19

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