How to clean Portable Anthropometry Kits with Disinfectants to Be Safe from Corona Virus

When the COVID-19 pandemic (or better known as coronavirus) appeared in various parts of the world, we are expected to be more intelligent and aware in cleaning ourselves. As has been told in various places, we are all asked to always be careful in cleaning up everything that maybe contain the virus.

Starting from routine cleaning your hands with a clean and accurate, immediately rinsing himself when he got home, and so forth. In addition to having to clean ourselves, we are also required to clean things around us (both at work or home).

Definition of disinfectant

To truly feel safe and secure from the corona virus attack, we must routinely clean the tools or objects around us using disinfectants. For those who do not yet know the meaning of disinfectants, disinfectants are tools used to kill germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa without damaging the objects that are exposed to the liquid.

In general, the name disinfectant and antiseptic have the same role to kill the bacteria. The difference is in the media or the place of application. Disinfectants function to kill bacteria on inanimate objects, and antiseptics are used to kill bacteria on living tissue such as humans.

Steps to Clean the Tool with Disinfectant

There are various ways or steps to clean the tools around us, especially in cleaning the Portable Anthropometry Kit. Here are several ways that you can do to clean the Portable Anthropometry Kit:

1. Prepare the Personal Protective Equipment and Equipment Needed

Before cleaning the Portable Anthropometry Kit, we must protect ourselves with various tools. Starting from wearing gloves, masks to hats or face shields if needed.

After protecting yourself by using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), prepare the tools needed to clean the Portable Anthropometry Kit. Starting from disinfectants (according to what is owned or following the recommendations listed above), sprayer bottles, cloth / cloth, tissue to feather duster.

2. Clean the Suitcase on the Portable Anthropometry Kit

The first thing to do in cleaning the Portable Anthropometry Kit is by cleaning the suitcase. As you know, the anthropometric kit from Solo Abadi is packaged well and safely (to avoid viruses, bacteria to dust) in an elegant suitcase. Even so, we must keep cleaning the suitcase regularly.

Cleaning can be started from wiping the dust attached to the suitcase using a feather duster. After that, we can spray the sprayer bottle that has been filled with disinfectant to all parts of the suitcase to touch. After waiting for about 10 minutes, wipe all parts of the suitcase using the cloth that has been prepared.

3. Clean the Anthropometric Measuring Instrument (Anthropometer, Sliding Caliper, to Spreading Caliper)

After cleaning the outside of the Portable Anthropometry Kit, we start cleaning every anthropometric measuring instrument contained in the Portable Anthropometry Kit. Although the measuring instruments are protected by an elegant suitcase, but we must clean it to anticipate the corona virus.

We can begin cleaning anthropometric measuring tools by taking instruments one by one and then cleaning them in sequence and turn. Starting from spraying disinfectant on each side to wipe it using a cloth that has been prepared. Perform these steps until all anthropometric measuring devices have been cleaned.

Video Tutorial How to Clean: Portable Anthropometry Kit

So that you can better understand how to clean and maintain the Portable Anthropometry Kit, you can watch the video on the following link.

How to Clean: Portable Anthropometry Kit

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