Essential Aspects of Conducting Appropriate and Relevant Sport Science

As we have mentioned in previous articles that we are already in the industry era 4.0. The learning process of sports should be something that also being developed. And take it seriouusly. One of the ways to develop it is to implement sports science.

If we look at developing countries, the majority of them have applied sports science in the training process; it can maximize the achievements achieved to find prospective athletes in the future.

Not only sports departments that already implemented professional trainers that related to sports science, but the university did it too. Starting from anatomy, biochemistry, biomechanics, athlete performance analysis, physiology, psychology, sociology, sports medicine and health, coaching, talent identification, kinanthropometry, sports management and the others already applied.

Country that Applied Sports Science

One of the country that has implemented sports science is Ireland. The soccer league in Ireland called League of Ireland has realized various rules and references to improve the coaching of soccer athletes. Thus, all clubs in the league have access to information in finding the best training methods such as physical, mental and tactical preparation.

Important Aspects of Sports Science

A sports institution or coach who wants to apply sports science should really understand various important aspects related to supporting sciences. So, they will get maximum results.

According to the expert, Herbert Harg (1994: 52), there are seven points in applying sports science to reach achievements. The following are the seven important aspects of implementing sports science:

  • Sports Medicine;
  • Sports Biomechanic;
  • Sports Psychology;
  • Sports Pedagogy;
  • Sports Sociology;
  • Sports History; and
  • Sports Philosophy

1. Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a medical science that aims to examine and analyse the effect of sport on athletes. This science used a reference in analysing about anatomy and physiology of the athletes’ bodies.

Based on the professor from the Sportmedical Institute at Frankurt, Prof. D. Bohmer, there are several main tasks of sports medicine:

  • Identifying the health status of athletes when doing training in long-term coaching.
  • Identifying the status of each organ’s functions of the athletes and their abilities.
  • Identifying the physical development of athletes that can be identified by measuring anthropometric results.

2. Sports Biomechanics

The study of the forms of human motion that occur when performing sports techniques is called sports biomechanic. We can get several benefits in training with applying this knowledge (according to Rusli Lutan 1988: 38) such as:

  • It can determine the branch and the sport technique in accordance with the ability to move of each athlete.
  • It can adjust the tools used with the age of athletes from the function.
  • The athletes can choose many techniques in accordance with the morphological and psychological characteristics.
  • It can control the relationship between age maturity and learning process in the long-term coaching of athletes.

3. Sports Psychology

Sports psychology has a role in studying the behaviour of athletes toward overall sports activity; both during training, before and after the match.

Sports psychology is important because this can affect the performance of athletes. With this study, we can find out whether they are experiencing stress or fatigue in training and competition to personality.

4. Sports Pedagogy

The application of pedagogy in sports that discusses the learning of human motion in order to learn sports effectively is the definition of sports pedagogy.

The existence of pedagogy can change the perception of most people who think that learning in sports does not contain educational values. This can happen because pedagogy is focusing on systematic physical education.

5. Sports Sociology

Sports sociology is something that puts attention on social phenomena that are happening in sports. We should pay attention to the surrounding phenomena related to sports because society behind the sports are social creatures.

Therefore, all of the sportsmen must maintain their relationships with others; whether it’s fellow sport players or not. In addition, the sociology of sport has a role in creating athletes position sports as an internal structure and when in society it becomes as an external structure.

6. Sports History

Sports History is all the events about sports that have occurred. Everything that has happened can be used as a benchmark/ foundation in carrying out new sports training.

For example, in ancient times, most academies applied “model training A”. With the development of technologies and facilities today, these academies can improve or adapt “model training A” to the current situation (“model training A” as a foothold).

7. Sports Philosophy

Basically, the definition of sports philosophy is similar to other philosophies; sports philosophy plays a role in understanding the nature of sports science critically and specifically. By thinking critically in understanding this philosophy, we can truly understand the essential truths of the science of sport learned.

Based on Rusli Lutang said (1988: 45) about the nature of sports philosophy, the following are the points:

  • The essence of sports are sport and play;
  • Sport can be learning of ethical values;
  • Sport can be aesthetic symptoms;
  • Sport can be a reaction to living conditions; and
  • Sport can be a source of creativity or self-actuality.

The Important of Kinanthropometry in Applying Sports Science

After learning various important points in sports science, we can immediately apply the knowledge in order to achieve better sporting achievements. However, we still have to underline the importance of doing kinanthropometry for the success of sports science.

With kinanthropometry, we can find out the growth and development of athletes because their body characteristics are always monitored. Positive points that can be taken by knowing the body characteristics of athletes is that we can maximize the form of exercise they need.

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