The Importance of Anthropometric Measurement in Commercial Aircraft Cockpit Design

In the world of aviation, a prospective pilot who will control a commercial aircraft to take passengers to their destination is required to have an ideal body posture so that the control of the aircraft can run according to the required target.

For this reason, the role of anthropometric measurements is needed, namely to design a cockpit / cockpit (compartment) for the pilot to pilot the aircraft. This time, we will provide some knowledge about what anthropometry is and what data is needed to design a good and suitable aircraft cockpit.

Definition from Anthropometry

Before that, let us understand the term or definition of anthropometry. Anthropometry comes from the word “anthropo” which means human and “metri” which means measure.

According to Stevenson (1989) and Nurmianto (1991), anthropometry is a collection of numerical data related to the physical characteristics of the human body in terms of size, shape and strength and the application of these data to address design problems.

So, anthropometry is a study of measuring dimensions that are owned by humans or the size of humans starting from bones, muscles and also fat. Data generated through anthropometric measurements in the form of human measurements such as body weight, position when standing, position when stretching out your arms, body circumference, and so on.

Anthropometric Data for Cockpit Design

Well, this anthropometric data can be used for a lot of purposes, such as designing product designs to get the ideal and proper dimensions with the dimensions of the humans who use them.

Anthropometric measurement data is also very important in designing an airplane cockpit, where the most important measure in designing a cockpit space is the dimension of the height of a pilot while sitting (seating height).

PC – 24 Cockpit View
Photo from Pilatus Aircraft Ltd’s website

Then the distance between the pilot and the buttons is also taken into account in order to make it easier for the pilot to reach the buttons so that it allows the pilot to steer the airplane without being disturbed by the distance between the pilot and the aircraft’s instruments.

So, in the early days of designing an airplane cockpit, the designer was required to measure the potential pilot’s body parts to determine the best size for the cockpit shape so that the cockpit could be used by the pilot comfortably. The prospective pilot’s body measurements will use an anthropometric chair to make it easier for the designer to get the measurements needed.

However, today the use of anthropometric data is not only for designing the cockpit of commercial aircraft, but is used to measure the body size of prospective pilots whether their body is an ideal criterion to become an pilot who will pilot this passenger aircraft.

Several aircraft manufacturing companies have used anthropometric chairs from PT Solo Abadi Indonesia to obtain anthropometric data for designing aircraft cockpits according to client needs. With this chair, the designer can also create an aircraft cabin interior and even to design chairs that are intended for airplane passengers.

Use of Anthropometric Chairs in Assisting Cockpit Design

1. Measuring Height When Sitting

This dimension is the most important, because knowing the height of the person sitting, the designer will be able to design the airplane seat to be comfortable for the driver of the aircraft.

2. Measuring The Length of The Hand Reach

The purpose of this anthropometric data is to determine the distance between the pilot and the aircraft instruments.

3. Height Measurement

The dimensions of a pilot’s height will give an idea of how tall the cockpit will be, and after obtaining measurements for the cockpit interior, the designer can determine the size of the aircraft’s head as well.

4. Foot Length Measurement

The length of the foot is considered because the foot will be used to brake the plane. The feet are also used to control the tail of the plane, which allows the plane to turn.

Those are some things that will be taken into account when designing a commercial airplane cockpit, and maybe there are many more data needed to design an aircraft cockpit. After obtaining the required dimensions of the fuselage size, the ideal wing size, and also the tail size of the aircraft, it can be designed as well, depending on the purpose and purpose of the aircraft.

Best Quality Anthropometric Chairs from PT. Solo Abadi Indonesia

The anthropometric chair has the ability to measure the dimensions of the human body, there are 34 measurements that can be made by this anthropometric chair from Solo Abadi.

For that, if you want to have this anthropometric chair produced by Solo Abadi, you can visit our website here, and you can also contact us via WhatsApp or email belonging to Solo Abadi.

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