Improve your Body Posture to Increase Height

Body height often required in an institution or company’s job qualification, one of them is POLRI selection and air hostees. It is deeply regretted if the candidate actually qulified at every category but failed in height qualification. So that it is needed to improve your body posture to increase height.

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Body posture is very dependent on our daily activities, from the way we sit, sleep, even our habit in checking phone in bend down position for so long. Not only job seekers, good body posture are also beneficial for us to upgrade our looks and body flexibility.

Why Is It Important to Increase Height?

An ideal height and body size is a dream for everyone, the reasons are also very various. Aside from upgrading looks, increasing height is also important because of job from institution that regulate their employee’s height.

Those reasons are the one that made increasing height important. But there is also another reason that could made increasing height more important, that is the nutritional status of an individual. Each person is having different body sizes, so there is no milestone or standard that regulate the ‘ideal’ height and weight.

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Ideal height and weight could be calculated by using BMI or Body Mass Index calculation, the calculation result will give explanation such as overweight or underweight. Overweight problem could be overcome by doing a healthy diet to decreasing weight, beside of that this problem could be overcome by increasing height.

Ideal body not only help upgrading our appearance but also upgrading individual nutrition status.

Good Body Posture could Help Increase Height

In order to reach the ideal body, we need to do some efforts, one of them is by improving our body posture. Body posture is really influencial in increasing height, habits like sleeping in prone position, sit in bent position or upright position are all very influencial.

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Body posture viewed from its waist-to-hip-ratio (WHO) is divided to 4 types, as following :

  1. Inverted triangle body shape
  2. Pear body shape
  3. Apple body shape
  4. Rectangle body shape

Efforts to Increase Height

Aside from body posture, there are several other aspect that affects height growth. The main factor that affects height is none other than genetics. Based on WebMD, scientists believes that genetics is the main factor that affect height growth, takes up 80% of proportion.

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Here are the efforts that could be done to increase height :

  • Balanced nutrition intake
  • Sit with straight position
  • Consumming food with high calcium content
  • Consumming vitamin D suplement
  • Aerobics
  • Berenang
  • Sufficient sleep duration
  • Drinking mineral water regularly
  • Yoga
  • Monitoring height regularly using stadiometer

Most Accurate Measurement Tool

Metresis – Portable Stadiometer by Solo Abadi is an instrument that is used to measure a human’s height. This measurement tool could measure both children’s and adults’ height.

A portable stadiometer is the best choice to measure height accurately, this product is also packaged in portable form so it’s easy to bring anywhere, anytime.

1. Premium Quality

Portable stadiometer made with the best material high resistance such as aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon so the material could last longer. Produced according to national standards and under quality control.

2. Measurement scale accurate and easy to read

The measurement scale is precise and accurate, easy to read because the position is negotiable, and easy installation with a guidebook.

3. Exclusive storage bag

A portable stadiometer by Solo Abadi is packed with an exclusive storage bag, that could help the tool to be carried anywhere, anytime. Other than that, the storage bag could minimize the risk of the deformed tool.

Here’s the product detail portable stadiometer by Solo Abadi :

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