Important Things in Making a Work Design or Work Drawing

In this article, we will talk about the general procedures in the machine design process. We have to know that there are several steps that must be know in the design process, namely: recognizing needs and objectives, mechanisms, force analysis, material selection, design elements, modifications, detailed drawings, and the production process as the final step in the machine design process.

Previously, do you know what is a Work Design or Work Drawing?

Understanding a work design or work drawing

A working drawing is a drawing technique that is used to explain in detail about the product to be made including various elements, which contain information about dimensions, materials, and so on. The activity of making working drawings results in drawing documents that function as a language or medium to convey ideas, ideas, or information from the designers of a product to the workers who will make them.

Working drawings, often referred to as Product Design or in scientific language are called Industrial Product Design. Industrial Product Design is a field of science that studies how to determine the shape / form / image of a manufactured product, processing this form in such a way as to match the production process capabilities of the industry that made it.

Work drawings are used as a reference to be carried out / done in the field, this work drawing must be made in such a way that it can be understood in the implementation of the work. This kind of working drawing is usually referred to as shopdrawing. In addition, work drawings are an improvement of existing design drawings and adapted to the conditions of the existing conditions.

Work Design Functions or Work Drawings

All existing images must have a function and purpose, even though the image is made without any basis, the perception of people seeing it will definitely vary. Purpose of working drawings to make people think one goal. For example, a working drawing of a house plan, it is certain that everyone who sees it will think this is the first step before becoming a real house.

The general function of working drawings, including:

  • Communication tool
  • Planner Archive
  • Submit information
  • Instructions

The basic function of the image is as a tool to express one’s intentions or thoughts. Because images are often used as the main communication tool among engineering people, images are referred to as technical language.

Components in a Work Design or Work Drawing

Working drawings contain all the information needed to produce a product. The information contained in the working drawings includes assembly drawings, detailed drawings, dimensions of drawing descriptions and all standard information needed in making a product.

The three components of a working drawing set are:

  • Details of each section
  • List of components, or materials for assembling the final product
  • Assembly drawing

Things to Look For in Making a Work Design or Work Drawing

  • Type view
  • Dimensions
  • Detailed image
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Part number
  • Part List (list of contents of components)
  • Image paper size
  • Etiquette (title block)

Those are some things that must be considered if we want to create a work design or work drawing. Because working drawings are used as a reference to be carried out / worked on in the field, each part of the work drawing must be carefully crafted to avoid reading the wrong data.

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