Growth Mats are Innovations For Stunting, How Does It Function?

Stunting cases in Indonesia are in a fairly serious condition, reviewing survey data that states one in three Indonesian children suffer from stunting. Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto revealed, the number of stunting cases in Indonesia as of 2019 reached 27.67%.

In this case, it is a concern, considering that the figure is higher than the maximum tolerance of stunting set by the World Health Organization or WHO. Because WHO sets the stunting severity index is called critical if the number is more or equal to 15 %.

Therefore, it is important to know the symptoms of stunting to maintain the nutrition and healthy development of each child.

Some Things How to Detect Stunting

Please note that not all short-term toddlers experience stunting. If the child has a short stature but the increase in body length is consistent, healthy, and developed according to his age, then it can not be said stunting.

For more details on how to detect early child stunting, let’s see the review below.

  • Measurement of Children’s Height Periodically and Consistently

By monitoring and measuring the child’s height periodically, it can identify stunting and can be diagnosed and treated appropriately.

  • Monitoring Children’s Growth and Development

Development can be monitored by referring to the table of baby and child development that can be obtained easily on various websites or health books. It can also be monitored periodically during immunization once a month.

  • Pay attention to Performance in Focusing And Learning Memory

The short-term impact of stunting is impaired brain development and intelligence in children, resulting in poor focus and learning memory.

  • Monitor children’s immune and health

Usually, for children who suffer from stunting one of the detection is the condition of children who are prone to various infectious diseases. But for more obvious problems can directly consult a doctor.

As for knowing if the child’s height is normal or not, you should regularly check it to the nearest health service.

You have to take your little one to the health service every month. That way you’ll have the hassle of going back and forth every month. If you can monitor your child’s growth from home, it will be easier, right?

We recommend a practical growth mat tool to monitor the growth of the little one from the age of 0-21 months.

What is a Growth Mat?

Growth mats are a measuring instrument used to help us visualize the development and growth of children up to the age of 21 months.

Using a growth mat makes it easy for you to monitor your child’s growth from home. Even community health centers and integrated service centers recommend growth mats to be used as early detection of stunting.

Growth Mat of Solo Abadi Indonesia

Solo Abadi Indonesia in supporting government programs related to stunting issues in Indonesia, presents exclusive Growth Mat products that can be used by anyone and anywhere. Of course, with quality and tested safety, especially for babies.

This tool is also used by health agencies to help detect stunting early. Growth mats are very easy to use by individuals and agencies.

Product Details Of Growth Mats from Solo Abadi Indonesia

Made from quality Flexi material but at a friendly price. Growth Mat from Solo Abadi Indonesia is equipped with acrylic on the head barrier, this tool is durable to use and safe to measure the baby. The diverse mat design also adds to the beauty of the Growth Mat.

Product Description :

  1. Size 80 cm x 125 cm
  2. Equipped with 3 mm thick Acrylic Head Limiter
  3. Made from Flexi with The Best Quality
  4. Accurate Measurement Results
  5. Cute and Attractive Image Design
  6. There is An Attractive and Functional Exclusive Bag
  7. There is a Tutorial Card on How to Use Tools (How to Use)
  8. Safe Cardboard Packaging For Delivery throughout Indonesia

Here is a product picture of The Growth Mat from Solo Abadi Indonesia :


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