How to apply Anthropometry to Increase Product Value

When we talk about the application of anthropometry to increase product value, this science is indeed considered very important in order to increase the size of detail so that it can increase the level of comfort and safety of a product. Especially in the field of furniture such as chair design and table design, anthropometry is very necessary to create comfortable work facilities.

To determine good design, of course you also have to pay attention to product details. Therefore, careful measurement will produce superior products that meet the user’s needs. So that if the product is comfortable and in accordance with user needs has been fulfilled, it is not impossible that your product will be in demand in the market.

With this anthropometry, the application of ergonomics in the manufacture of furniture products can be easily achieved. This measurement aims to determine the shape of the body dimensions, so that products designed are more suitable and can provide comfort to the user.

The importance of comfortable furniture products

The development of furniture products has continued to increase. Until now, there are many references used by furniture manufacturers in determining the dimensions of product size that are suitable for the user. Because if the process of measurement is carried out in origin make the product not optimal with ergonomic applications.

However, not only the design must be considered but you also have to focus on the quality of the product in terms of safety and comfort of use. Besides being able to make users linger with your products and be able to have a positive impact on users.

Examples of non-ergonomic products

Because some people spend a lot of their time on the table and chairs, therefore the arrangement of comfortable furniture is very important. For this reason, consider again when producing furniture products, it should be more attention to aspects of the population size that uses the product.

For this reason, size is very important to get added value for your furniture products. And in this case the anthropometric application has an important role.

Then what is the reference for designing a furniture product?

Before designing furniture products, you should do a design reference that is measuring the user’s body dimensions. To get detailed user size data, you should use the anthropometric chair as a body measuring device to get detail on each side. Broadly speaking, anthropometric chair measurement data has its own measurement guidelines. Of the several methods of measuring data on body parts taken including standing position, sitting side position, and face area.

Examples of anthropometric chair measuring instruments

Because with this data, finally we can determine some dimensions that need to be considered when making furniture products. These dimensions include product height, product slope angle, and design composition to be planned, and balance in product design. Actually not only used in furniture product production, anthropometric chairs can be used in the application of other products.

The usefulness of this anthropometric chair in anthropology includes the measurement of interior design practicum, civil engineering practicum, and anatomical measuring instruments. So that it can also be applied to other product measurements such as work chair anthropometry, wheelchair anthropometry, and lounge chair anthropometry.

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