Using Anthropometric Chair to Create Inclusive Sport for People with Disabilities

Sport is a primary requirement for people to maintain their fitness. In Kiwari era, most people can exercise anywhere with a variety of kinds according to their needs. However, some people cannot do the sport that they need, especially for people with disabilities; because of their restrictions. Therefore, they need guidance and support like facilities for their sports activities.

The development of technology and science makes it easier for people to adjust their needs. People with disabilities are helped too with it and needed support tools in accordance with what they need. That is why anthropometry is needed. Anthropometry is the science that used to find out physical human beings; especially in the data set of human physical. Then, the data set will be used in sport applications for people with disabilities. For example, when creating wheelchair racing for someone who has a disability should have requirements. Such as wheelchair is longer than usual, using three wheels and rear wheels do not use bars. Seat height must be adjusted to the height of the athlete because it will affect when pedaling with hands. Besides, basketball sport used different seats. Based on, a wheelchair for basketball has adjusted to athlete needs like basketball athletes with a high level of disability used lower seats to facilitate their mobility. Then, athletes with a low level of disability used higher seats.

Seats for Disabled

Various Data in Anthropometry

There are three philosophies in designing based on ergonomists (Niebel & Freivalds 2002 and Isharyadi & Ningtyas 2013) besides using anthropometric data, namely:

1. Design for extremes

It means the determination for designing of place, chair or work environment should use extreme individual anthropometric data. The example is the minimum size of width and height measurement in the emergency exit already set.

2. Design for adjustability

It means the designer adjusts with the user to design a certain size of tools and facilities. The example is the car seat design can be moved forward or backward and the backrest angle can be changed.

3. Design for the average

It means the designer puts the attention to average anthropometric data in designing tools and facilities. The example is the design measurement of public facilities such as public toilets, waiting chairs, and so on.

The Various of Anthropometric Measurements

Based on ergonomists, there are various anthropometric measuring tools to obtain the measurement data easier, such as: 

1. Anthropometer

Anthropometer is a tool consisting of a pipe along 2000 mm which composed of four sections with a stable handle that can be moved up and down. The scale of the pipe has an accuracy of 1 mm. Anthropometer is used in length measurements such as height and pipe length.

2. Anthropometric Chair

Anthropometric chair is used in measuring human anthropometric data; especially in sitting position. The data collected following are used to design various chairs and work facilities related to the user.

3. Campbell Caliper 20

Campbell Caliper 20 is served to measure the width or thickness of the torso breadths like the acromial, transverse chest, biliocristal and so on.

4. Segmometer

Segmometer is used to measure projected heights and direct segmental lengths such as body and shoulder height in standing position and so on.

5. Measuring Tape

Measuring tape is a measurement tool used for the circumference or curve (arc). This tape has a precision scale of 1 mm.

One of the most appropriate ways to measure precisely is using anthropometric chairs. Anthropometric chair is a chair to measure human body dimensions. Our special anthropometric chair can measure up to 34 human body dimensions. Besides that, our special product can be used to everyone; it only requires careful observation. Our anthropometric chair is also more durable for years than others. For those who are looking for specific and quality of measurement tools to support activities well and create tools or facilities for people with disabilities, our special product entitled anthropometric chair is the answer.

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